I am not a slave to fashion and I prove it with this picture of what I wore to the station this morning.

Camo pants, a t-shirt from Sturgis and a vest!  I am just like The Nature Boy Ric Flair Styling and profiling

The idea for this blog came from something I read this morning. The Scrunchie is back.  Listen here;

Styles have come and gone and I might have tried them on and wore them at one time or another.  But I am no slave to fashion.

As a teenager my favorite outfit to wear was blue and white striped overall’s with a with T-shirt and a Blue and white cap.   I thought I was so cool!

When I left Memphis to go to Ricks College my mother made me wear a leisure suit on the plane.  Being the good son I was (you believe me don’t you) I put on that horrid contraption.  At the airport I waved to my mom as I got on the plane and then took that jacket off and NEVER WORE IT AGAIN!

That is not me but I did look just that goo!

I got to admit the disco craze did affect what I wore.  I wanted to impress the ladies with Polyester!   I even wore the stacked sole shoes that were so popular which made me about 6 ft. 3.  I went on a date with a young lady in the middle of winter wearing those shoes in Rexburg Idaho no less.  Not one the smartest thing I ever did.  As I walked back to my dorm after the date I was very careful as I walked, but just as I got to the dorm someone yelled “HI”.  I lifted my arm to wave and KABLAMO!   I fell on the sidewalk and let’s just say I didn’t say “Shucky Darn”

Before you think I am always a slob, I do own a suit some dress shirts and several ties.  The ties aren’t the usual plain ties.  I like the unusual funny ties or a tie with a theme.   I have ties that mean something to me with themes like the Little Rascals, Peanuts, The Simpson’s, The Utah Jazz, The St Louis Cardinals, Utah State and of course I have a Superman and Batman tie.   Yeah I even have conservative ties.    I think.

So when you are listening to the morning show picture me in the latest fashions, clean shaven, and perfect hair.  Then be thankful I am not on TV.

Today we also talked about being bored at work

Stupid news was about government stupidity, an update on a missing star and a break in at the Provo Police department

Laff lines: Jim Gafagan on his robe: