I know you are wondering what the heck is Dave smoking today?

It has nothing to do with me but something I hear a lot on a TV show my wife and I have been watching called “LIVE PD’ The show is on the A&E Network on Friday and Saturday nights.  It follows 6 police departments around the country with mostly live video of Police doing the job they are paid to do.  SERVE AND PROTECT!

The pants statement is something I have heard on the sow a lot.  Usually the Cop is patting down a suspect and fined some sort of illegal drugs.  As the officer ask about the drugs the suspect will say “These aren’t my pants” or some other lie that is makes me laugh out loud.

The show can be funny, and fascinating at the same time.  Recently an officer responded to a disturbance and the suspect tried to run.  The officer chased him down and drew his side arm to demand the man stop which he did.  However the man pointed something at the officer and said “I will shoot you dead” The officer who was protected by a concrete pillar got the man to drop the object which turned out to be a flashlight.   That wasn’t the scary part. The suspect started cussing and making threats to the officer and his family.  The officer kept his gun drawn pointed at the man.  You would have thought the man would look like a scussbucket but he was dressed in Kaki’s with a white shirt, tie and sweater.   The man was taken into custody all the while making threats towards all the police and ambulance crews and their families.  How they didn’t take a flashlight and beat him around the head beats me.   But I know I could not have been that restrained if some scussbucket made threats towards my family.

One episode followed the Utah Highway patrol and we watched two simple traffic stops turn into drug bust.  One of those was at the Hill Air force base exit on I-15 and one major bust near Park City.   Now if you have a weak stomach skip this part.  Some place in south of Central Utah (I 70  I think)  A day time stop and on the officers dash cam you see a woman get out of the car walk to the front of her car and take a large disgusting bathroom visit.  She told the officer she had to go…. I guess so but YUK!

That leads me to the Live PD on Saturday night in Pasco county Florida officers responded to a restaurant where a man was asked to leave but would not.   As the police were taking that man into custody another man who had been told to never come to this restaurant was there and wouldn’t leave so the officers were questioning him and I said he looks familiar.  No I didn’t know him personally but a few weeks ago this same man was on LIVE PD living in a horrible house and as police arrived he talked to them while eating a HAM.  No not a Ham sandwich HE WAS EATING A HAM! In his hands just eating away while talking to police.  Then there he was again in trouble again but with no ham this time.    Don’t believe me her is a screen shoot from this weekend’s show.

My respect for law enforcement grows!  I am not so naïve to think there are not bad cops out there but my association with police is one of respect.  I heard once that most of people these officers deal with are known to the police because they are the ones breaking the laws the most.  It is amazing how many times an officer will walk up to a suspect and know who they are right away

So I give my thanks and respect to our law enforcement community


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