I think we all have them, things that just freak us out. Phobias.

I am slightly claustaphobic, so imagine my joy when I was told twice in a 9 month span that I needed a M.R.I.   The test where they put you on a table the width of a traffic stripe on the highway then slide you in to a tube! 

I must have looked like a tube of toothpaste! 

Then if you are a big guy you …. Well let’s just say


Somehow through sheer will power, determination and a super-human effort and a **** of a lot of screaming in my head I made it through!  After both test my wife rewarded me by taking me to a restaurant for some celebratory BACON!

Phobia’s are real and some are so bad person’s lifestyle is altered.

 “Ultimate Classic Rock” put together a list of PHOBIAS that various rock stars have been known to have . . .

Here they are, starting with the more common fears:

  1. David Bowie, Gene Simmons, David Lee Roth, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, and Chris Cornell . . . all have a fear of FLYING

Sheryl Crow . . . fear of HEIGHTS ,     Ozzy Osbourne . . . afraid of RATS    Freddie Mercury . . . afraid of SPIDERS    Nikki Sixx and Johnny Cash . . . afraid of SNAKES.    Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of Aerosmith . . . afraid of NEEDLES.    Dave Davies of The Kinks and Johnny Depp . . . fear of CLOWNS.   Ringo Starr . . . fear of GERMS.

So you aren’t alone with your phobia.  Just ask Dr. Lucy Van Pelt.

On the morning show I got humbled!

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