Tom Petty's wife Dana revealed that her husband knew that his and the Heartbreakers' Hollywood Bowl performance on September 25th, 2017 would be his last. Dana, who served as one of the producers on the new Petty box set, An American Treasure, told Billboard, "He had those three shows in L.A., and the day before he died he was pounding his chest going, 'I'm on top of the world!' Never had he been so proud of himself, so happy, so looking forward to the future -- and then he's gone."

Dana went on to reveal that in addition to living with chronic pain due to a fractured hip, Petty -- a lifelong smoker -- had been diagnosed with emphysema: "He would do anything to help anyone -- his bandmates, the crew, the fans -- and that's why he did the last tour with a fractured hip. He was adamant. He found out a few days before the tour was gonna start -- that he had emphysema."

Dana said that Petty put off hip surgery and depended on pain meds to play the dates with the band. She explained that he didn't go straight into the hospital upon damaging his hip: "That's why he wouldn't go to the hospital when his hip broke. He was like, 'I just got home. I want some time. I don't want to go to hip replacement surgery. I want to be home with my wife and my dog.' I was just like, dude, you can't hobble around the house . . . insane in pain, but he was stubborn. He’d had it in mind it was his last tour and he owed it to his long-time crew, from decades some of them, and his fans."

She went on to say, "Tommy was professional, so professional, and he so cared, every show was like the first and the last for him. He gave it his all, but he went out -- if you had a choice, I think that would be his choice really, so that's what gets me through. And I had so many wonderful years with this man. I was so blessed. And my heart is shattered, but I had him. And my kids had him, and fans and friends. Fifty years of music is pretty impressive. It's a beautiful gift he gave us for a long time."

Shortly before his 2017 death, Tom Petty admitted that despite some hard knocks he experienced early on, he was essentially a living example of the rock n' roll American dream: "I'm sure in every success story, you have those people that didn't think it would happen, y'know? I mean, I know my family couldn't believe it when it started to happen -- my mother used to tell me all the time that 'Y'know, you better have something to fall back on.' And I used to tell her, 'I ain't gonna fall back! There will be no falling back!' (laughs)"