August  25 2017

Where does the time go?  Summer is almost over, and I still haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations.    Not really, but man time has flown this summer.   Kids are going back to school and the football season is here.

I had to look twice at this  survey found the Internet is the number one thing we’d REFUSE to give up, even if we were totally broke and couldn’t really afford it.  Here are the top ten things we wouldn’t give up .

1.  The Internet.  54% of people said they’d never give it up, no matter what.

  1. Your phone, 53%.
  2. Driving, 48%.
  3. Your pets, 37%.
  4. Cable TV, 21%.
  5. Going out to eat, 19%.
  6. Traveling, 17%.
  7. College courses, and other things that further your education, 13%.
  8. Buying gifts for people, 13%.
  9. Alcohol, 11%.

The total eclipse was on everyone’s mind this week  as we  took in this beautiful sight.     Traffic problems did not happen on Saturday or Sunday but on I-15 Monday evening it was bumper to bumper and a 2 ½ trip from I.F. to Logan grew to 6 hours, but most people who went said it was worth it.

A new feature on the morning show is called “Stupid news”  where we talk about some bizzare things you won’t hear about on CNN.  You can listen to it here and also some of the other fun things on the morning show