We have all had it happen at one time or another and it freaks us out.  What is it?  Having a police car right behind us and you wonder “DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG”

That happened to me Saturday night in Salt Lake.  I was on my way to see a Professional Wrestling event and Nature was calling but I didn’t have call waiting so I see a Truck stop and pull over to take advantage of the facilities.   As I parked my car I noticed a UHP patrol car right behind me and that old feeling started up. Did I run a red-light, forget to signal, was I speeding?

I took a deep breath and proceeding into the store and notice the UHP trooper was at a gas pump!  However, walking toward me with a purpose was a Trooper and he looked like he meant business.  Know I hadn’t done anything wrong (I hoped) I politely said good evening officer and opened the door for him.  The officer then said no let me hold it for you.  OK, that is cool and I walked in the store with the UHP trooper and I headed to the facility and he to another part of the store.  So I thought

As soon as I enter the facility once again he is right there behind me then at the standup facility (if you get my drift) I went to wash my hands and there he is washing his.  I wanted to sing out “ME AND MY SHADOW”.  By this time I am a little nervous and amused at the same time.  He was too, as we walk out of the store the trooper said “It seems we are going everywhere together” I explained I was going to see the wrestling at UCW –Zero and he laughed, I told the officer to have a great night and to be safe.

It was a moment that I have laughed about all weekend.  Let me tell you I have a great deal of respect for our Law enforcement officers but they still can freak me out.

I had another little ah ha moment as we left the event and Nature was calling again!  No there was no cop behind me as I pulled into a convenience store went inside and looked for a facility when the clerk behind the counter said you need a key.  OK can you give me a Key and he did a small door key attached to a huge Ice scraper I think it was the biggest heaviest one I have ever seen but the key worked and after buying a few snacks for the road I left Salt Lake and about 1 and a half hours I was home safe and sound and glad I was back in Cache Valley.  Oh yeah the UCW –Zero show was fun but I will talk about that on my Turnbuckle trash podcast on Tuesday.

I found this little article for you about things that annoy us.  I was surprised to see have a cop follow you to the bathroom was not one of them.

From SWNS digital

A new survey found the little things that stress us out on a daily basis.  And here are the top 10 . . .

  1. Your computer freezing. 2.  Slow Internet.
  2. Screaming kids. 4.  Misplacing your wallet.
  3. Traffic.   6.  being late.  7.  Misplacing your phone.
  4. Annoying coworkers.  9.  Being on hold with customer service.
  5. A rude waiter.

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