The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that all that Valentines Candy goes on sale Thursday morning!

I hope you have a great day today and if Valentines is not your thing have a great Wednesday.

I just remembered a fun Valentine’s Day I had a long long time ago.  I was working in Rexburg Idaho on Valentine’s Day when my boss comes in with some mail for me, it was in a pink envelope with hearts and cupids all over it.  Before I opened it up the boss had everyone come into the studio to watch me open it.  I guess my face turned bright red as a read aloud the card,   on the front was BABY’S 1ST VALENTINES, then when I opened the card it read JR MISSES YOU.  Boy, everyone was wanting to know if I had a child?  NO was the answer, the card from a friend who sent it as a joke.  I worked the entire station was talking about it and on the air too!

My friends Janet and Kristen were cousins and roommates and we were all good friends.  On Valentine’s Day the year before at the same radio station I was on the air from 2pm to 6pm and I was taking dedications.  After my shift I was going to have dinner with my friends so I dedicated a song as I left and dedicated it to Janet and Kirsten.  The song was King Kong by The Jimmy Castor bunch.  My dedication was to the 2 ladies who were the Gorilla’s my dreams.  I know kind of lame but funny too!

When I get to the apartment for dinner they had a gift for me.  It was another Baby’s 1st Valentine’s card and a Savage She Hulk comic book, it might have been the 1st one wish I had it today.

I always had a great time with my 2 female friends Janet and Kirsten. We were all crazy college kids and I could go on and on about some of the weird stuff we did.  Ok, just one story

One Sunday evening I was visiting Janet and Kirsten and having a great time when for some reason Janet comes out of her room with a pillow under her dress looking very pregnant.  Now remember this is Ricks College and we had an idea.  I started chasing Janet down the hall yelling “YOU GOTTA MARRY ME NOW”!  Just about that time we were at the TV Lounge and lots of people started looking out of the room wondering what was going on.  I got down on one knee and you could hear the women gasp as I said with a tear in my eye “YOU GOTTA MARRY ME KNOW”!   Without missing a beat Janet says in a high squeaky voice ‘I AM NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU, MY GOALS ARE THE TEMPLE’! The entire room burst out in gasp and laughter.

Here’s to a great Valentine’s Day

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