I started my Friday morning in a way that left me more than a little confuse.  I woke up just before the alarm had been set.

I was feeling good as I made my way into bathroom to get ready for my day.  I did all the things to get ready to come here to do the voodoo that I do so well. (Blazing Saddle reference)   I said goodbye to my wife and something didn’t seem right.  I checked my phone and did a double take.  It read 1:36 am.

Holy (insert curse words here)

Yes I went back to bed for almost 3 hours but not a good sleep at also I am ready for the weekend.

That made me think about this.  WHY DO WE LOVE THE WEEKENDS SO MUCH?

Think about so many people don’t get that formal weekend.   THEY HAVE TO WORK. But love our weekends we do.

So I went to web to see what I could come up with and found a website buddybits.com that had some ideas here are just a few










So go out there and enjoy do something fun or just veg.  THE WEEKEND IS HERE.  I just don’t want to wake up at 1:15

You know I love Pro Wrestling and on today’s show we talked with Manny Lemons on Devotion Championship Wrestling.  Here is that interview

You can listen to the Podcast Turnbuckle Trash with a line on this website or go to turnbuckletrash, net

Utah is Number 1 for nerds  —  it is time to Polka with Led Zeplin and Back to school cost bucks

Stupid news A highs peed chase runs out of energy and people will steal anything

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Today is the 1st day of the Cache County Fair and Rodeo and when you talk about County Fairs I have some vivid and great memories.    Well one not so great but more on that later.

When I lived in east central Missouri it was FAIR FUN.  I spent a lot of my life at the Montgomery County Fair.  The smallest county population wise in the state has a huge county fair.  It truly was awesome.

I used the excuse of working on the radio to spend all day at the fair, even on hot humid days, Why because the little building the fair board put us in was had an air conditioner!!!!!!

Part of the building had a back room that was set aside for those who were having a hard time with the heat.

But I got to admit some of the best memories came when we had rain and thunderstorms.  Let me explain.

For several years it decided to rain during concerts.  One year Eddie Rabbit started singing his hit “I love a rainy night” and yep it started raining.   Despite these storms I don’t think a concert was ever canceled but they did cut a few short.

One Saturday night after a concert a huge storm came in and the fairgrounds arena became a mud pit.  Sunday afternoon the band Diamond Rio was scheduled to perform but the main seating area was a mess.  The show must go on and it did.

I was asked to introduce the band and saw a few brave souls standing in mud, so I started calling them the MUDDERS to which the crowd started chanting MUDDERS, MUDDERS.  Diamond Rio came on stage and the crowd was really into it and by the time the concert was over there were hundreds of MUDDERS splashing around.

Thunderstorm stories continue.   I was asked to be a judge of the fair BBQ Contest.   Dave and free BBQ …. I jumped at the chance.  But as the judging was taking place it happened.  The Tornado Siren starts up warning that a Tornado had been spotted nearby!  There were thousands of people on the fairground and it became a real life and death situation.

Of course with my job at the radio station I worked closely with law enforcement to get information to the public, so off I went to meet up with the County Sheriff the Chief of Police and the Mayor all standing in the rain as the sirens continued and a mild panic started.  It was my job to assure those in attendance that the treat was several miles from us but as a precaution the fairgrounds were being evacuated.  This was not a false alarm it was the real thing, a funnel cloud had set down about 7 miles from the fairgrounds but the storm was moving away from us.

The fairgrounds emptied out with very few problems and the storm stopped too.  Those in charge of the fair decided that it was time for those who had worked so had helping in a bad situation needed some relief and what a party it was.   The next day I saw a lot of my friends who looked like they were the mayor of HANG OVER CITY!

Going to the fair is always fun, if you are lucky you get to eat something on a stick and see long lost friends.  So grab the kids and go have a little FAIR FUN.

Notice I didn’t mention the Rodeo.   I have been to a few and I know people love it.  But for me seeing the crowd making their way to the rodeo arena means one thing.   The line at the Polish Sausage stand is shorter!!!

Today is National Cat day.  I might get a new job and BACK to school shopping

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There is nothing like a friend who can with you and also take a joke.    That is my friend Zane Petersen.  You might know that name from our Podcast “TURNBUCKLE TRASH’.

Zane and I were recording our latest pod on Pro- Wrestling and before we started recording we were just catching up when Zane called me “ATHLECTILY OVER WEIGHT “

I guess that is the P.C. version of being overweight

I have struggled with my weight my entire life and you know what I am OK with that.  I have big bones!

True story: several years ago I injured my knee and went to see the Dr to get things right.   X-Rays of my legs and knees were taken and as I waited for the DOC.  Finally a knock at the door and in comes this highly thought of Orthopedic Surgeon and his first words to me were and I quote ‘MY YOU HAVE BIG BONES”

Why yes Doctor and thanks for noticing.

I do have a large frame.  I wear a size 14 extra wide shoe.

Yes I wish I could flip a switch and have 100 pounds come off my body but I can’t so I don’t sweat it ( maybe if I did more sweating some of those pounds would come off)  My point is this.   I like me the size I am now, I like me in college when I was Six foot One and 212.   I like me at any weight and I can and will joke about my weight and you can too.

If you are like me and struggle in the department of tonology just do your best and be happy

So now thanks to my friend Zane I can say proudly I AM ATHLECTILY OVERWIEGHT!


Hello Newman

Stupid News

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When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won’t dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful, though, because that Raid really doesn’t taste that bad.

Janette Barber


I had a fantastic weekend that translated into a not so great Monday.

We will talk weekend later.   Let me explain Monday.

I woke up at the usual time 4:15 am and even told my wife that I felt really good and was looking forward to being on the radio.

Feeling good I got to the station 5am and started my day and things were going along swimmingly.  Then my world went for a swim.

About 6:15 I noticed I was feeling a little light headed and the room around me felt like I was on a boat on choppy water.   I felt weird, weirder than normal.   Its 7:15 I had just finished “Stupid news” and tried to stand up, notice the word tried?   I grabbed ahold of the desk to steady myself and hugged the wall to my destination.  I took care of a little business felt lucky I had not fallen.  I called my wife and at 7:35 it was off to instacare.

Noting much was found, I had a little Vertigo, I was lucky because about 4pm I started feeling better.  Let’s just hope it stays away.

Now on to the weekend.

I was asked to be a small part of the “Ride for the Fallen” Motorcycle rally to raise money for Veterans groups.   I didn’t do much but play a little music and talking to a lot of Vets.

The feelings of Patriotism, respect and love for those veterans was an incredible experience.   My wife and I stood in awe at the ceremony to honor those who gave all.   Tears are welling up in my eyes even as I write this.

It was my honor to conduct a couple of interviews that I hope you will take the time to listen too.  Interview one is with the Father of Lance Corporal Allred and the 2nd is all about the new Veterans center being built in Logan.

That truly was one of the most memorable events I have ever been too and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me.

I did not serve in the military but it was an important option to me and my admiration for those who have served and for their families is had to put into words.  Once again I say thanks

Today on the morning show : Oliva still fits in the leather from grease

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Is it me or is summer getting shorter?  It has nothing to do with “Climate Change” but it just seems to me that this summer has just flown by!


I am just guessing here but maybe it because spring was short too.

We had such a KOOL wet spring that almost felt like we went from winter into summer.

And now here we are on August second and we spent to morning talking about back to school and football.  Man summer is getting shorter.

I will sound like an old man but back in the day we didn’t start school until right before Labor Day weekend.  It was so KOOL to go to school for a couple of days then have a three day weekend. But now we start talking High school Football in just two weeks and school starts right after that.   Summer is getting shorter!

Or could it be I’m getting older?

Either way I don’t like it


Today on the morning show I was joined by Jordan Knutson from Casper Ice Cream.  It is National Ice Cream Sandwich day and the best Ice Cream Sandwich is made right here in Cache Valley.   THE FAT BOY!       This is a really fun interview

Stupid news is all about a Bulldozer and Sweat

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Years ago I was taking my cousins little boy Christopher to see a movie, he was about 8 years old at the time and was a funny kid so our conversation in the car was really fun.

I asked Chris a question that will lead into our blog.  I asked him “how old will you be when you know everything you will need to know to be an adult” Chris thought about it for a little then said in an adult like voice “About 14”!

I still laugh about that and that little boy is now a man living in North Carolina and is part of the podcast we do called Turnbuckle trash.    He is a lot older than 14 now so I guess he knows everything about being an adult.


I will fill you in on the time I felt like an adult later but first.

A new survey was released this week and found the average guy feels like an adult at age 26, and for women it’s 23.

The survey asked what made them realize they were an adult

  1. Having a budget.
  2. Buying a house.
  3. Doing your own taxes.
  4. Working on your credit score.
  5. Investing in a 401k.

The rest of the top ten are doing your own laundry . . . regular doctor visits . . . using a list at the grocery store . . . cooking dinner most nights . . . and a tie between watching the news, and changing your bed sheets regularly.

They also looked at the top KIDS’ FOODS we can’t stop eating as adults.  61% of us have had pizza in the last month . . . 50% have had spaghetti . . . 40% have had a hot dog . . . 35% have had macaroni-and-cheese . . . and 35% have had chicken nuggets.

And the most quote-unquote “ADULT” foods you can have in your kitchen are vegetables . . . fruit . . . coffee . . . milk . . . meat . . . chicken . . . baking ingredients . . . fish . . . frozen food . . . and oatmeal.

You know being an adult is not fun sometimes.  Recently I was talking to a young man I have known since he was born, he just turned 16 and as most 16 year olds do he  was asking to be treated like an adult.  OK then he made a statement that his Dad and I laughed out loud at.  He said “I will be glad when I am grown up and can do what I want and when I want”   We reminded him that as adult you have added pressure to you time.  There is so many things that take away from the scant 24 hours in a day that we sometimes sacrifice things we want to do for things we have to do.   This young man who is a great young man will learn like I did.


So when was the first time I felt like an adult?  Well I was at Ricks College in my third year of a two year school (long story).  I was working full time and going to school.  Because of the Teton Flood housing was tight in Rexburg.  So some friends and I rented a nice home in St. Anthony and split the rent.  Things were going great, no roommate problems but there was one huge problem.  Ricks College.

At the time to be able to go to school you had to live in approved housing, which my nice rented house in St Anthony was not.

Now let me add here that I understand why the school insisted on “Approved Housing”  Most of the students were young and from out of town and this was a way to assure parents that their children were living in a safe environment.

The head of off campus housing found out about my living arrangements and was not happy.   Let’s just say that over the years he and I had a rocky relationship at best.  I went to his office and was told that I could not live in St Anthony in non-approved housing and if I didn’t move into approved housing that he would call my Mother and kick me out of school!


I remember looking this man and saying “You mean to tell me, that I can’t live where I chose when I am working full time and paying for everything in my life with my own money and you are going to tell on me to my MOMMY?

At that moment in time I felt like I was a grown up, A man, no longer a boy.

And he was going to call my MOMMY?

I made the decision to that my education was more important than where I lived and moved into ‘APPROVED HOUSING” A house near campus known as “Cockroach Manner”   It lived up to its name.  What a hole.

Several months later I was on campus and ran into the director of off campus housing and we had a very adult conversation where no voices were raised but I expressed my disappointment and my shock that this was approved housing.  He listened like an adult and we left each other with a handshake but not a smile.





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Dang, Drats, &^%$ sometimes life doesn’t throw you a curve ball!  It throws a change up!

Baseball analogy aside, life is full of little disappointments.  It happens every day little annoying things that just get under your skin.

Running out of hot water while you are in the shower.

Reading a good book with a bad ending.

Eating a soggy sandwich.

Going to a favorite restaurant only to find out they have changed the menu and taken your favorites off the menu.

Stubbing you toe.

You stop to smell the roses and they have no smell.

You get ready to start your day, get to work and realize you forgot to brush your teeth.

You wait forever at a FAST FOOD RESTURANT.

Going to the restroom and there is not Toilet Paper.

Leaving your nice cool house on a hot day.

Going to see a movie that your friends love and you hate it.

Recording a TV on show on your DVR and you sit down to watch it and the recording stops 15 minutes in.

Yep life is full of little disappointments.  And a new one hit me yesterday.   I was at home with the TV on and there was a commercial for the release of “AVENGERS, END GAME” buy it now!

I had visions of sitting in my favorite chair with my wife   POP Corn and a tall cool drink and watching END game on our very on Big screen and sound system.   I ran into the bedroom put my shoes on and was almost out the door when I realized that you could only purchase the digital version.  You know the one that is not on your DVD, Blue Ray or 4k.    I don’t want a digital copy I WANT SOMETHING IN MY HANDS!

Another one of life’s little disappointments I had to delay my plan for a movie night with my wife but as with most little disappointments it turned out OK.   My wife was there, still had a tall cold drink, no popcorn but I did watch AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!

That was fine!

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I am not a person who will go to the movies to watch the latest Horror flick. Watching a bunch of Young adults being hacked to death by a deranged killer is not my kind of entertainment.

If I want to get scared, I just watch the evening news!

But there are times when you are watching a movie or T.V. show and the unexpected happens and it is time for Dave to check his pants!!!!

It happens almost every movie that has suspense in it.  Our hero of heroine has a moment to catch their breath and KABLAMO! Something unexpected happens and you jump out of your seat.

I vividly remember three example.

Jurassic Park (I think it was the first one) our heroes’ are being chased by the Raptors and find a shed to hide in …..Looking for an escape route, and just as it looks like they will KABLAMO time for Dave to check his pants again.

Batman the Dark Knight.  Batman has inspired others to wear the cape and cowl but the Joker is not pleased, a quite scene is interrupted by a body hanging just outside a window with Joker make up and Batman’s cape and cowl.  KABLAMO Check Dave’s pants again.

But the one that I remember most was a moment in JAWS!  No not the “We’re gonna need a bigger boat scene” but that was a check the pants moment.

I was on a double date to see the movie.   I did not know that I was the only one of the four that had not seen the film.  Yes my friends set me up and I fell for it.  I should have realized something was up when the three seemed to be paying more attention to me that the movie.  Here is that scene.

I got more air than Jordan did that night.  That scared the checking of the pants out of me.  I screamed like a little girl and I think the whole theater was laughing at me!   But I had the last laugh.  My popcorn and soda was all over them!



Life has a way of stressing you out!  I could be bad news, work problems, personal problems.

I had none of those but man I needed to break up my routine a little.   That is where my staycation came to the rescue.

We had decided that this was not going to be a year of a vacation.  You know the type loading up the family truckster and hitting the open road for a vacation.

Two weeks ago I looked at the calendar and asked my wife if taking a few days off at both of our jobs was possible. YES YES YES !


Not much really Wednesday I drove the KOOL PT in the Logan Pioneer day parade.  So there was one day off where I kind of worked.   After the parade it was a quick trip to Clearfield and on the way back you have to stop for food right?

Thursday was a day off but I worked must for a short time at eh station doing some off air work that needed to be done.   Then it was “Spider-man Homecoming” NO POPCORN. But you have to have lunch right!  AND I DID.

Friday was a really fun day.  We took a day trip to Rexburg Idaho where both my wife and I went to college way back in the day.   My way back was a lot more way back than her way back.

Boy has that town changed a lot over the years.  I was shocked to see all the apartment complex’s 4 and 5 stories high.  The way the streets had changed.   We did stop in front of the Dorm I lived in for two years and I took a picture in front of a tree that I used to sit under for shade back in the day.   That tree was a lot smaller then!!!!!!   So was I!!!!

It was great to swap stories with my wife about our lives at Ricks.   We missed each other by a few months.  She was at Ricks and I was working in Blackfoot.

One shocking development for anyone who went to Ricks when I did.  You will remember “The Sober Society “well I knew that they had morphed into a Pizza place called “Cargo’s” really not sure if I spelled it correctly.  But now the location of so many Sober Society memories and PIZZA BOMBS is a Pest control company!   I spent so much time (and money at the Sober Society) that I wanted to “RAID” The pest control company.    Raid that was really bad wasn’t it.

I can’t say that Rexburg was my favorite place to live.  But do I have good memories and a few bad from my almost 6 years going to school and working.  No I didn’t go to school the entire time!  If you looked at my grades you would wonder if I ever went to school!

I noticed in this blog how many of my memories involved food.   Except that little tree which is now a lot bigger — ME TOO!


As we celebrate the pioneers who 1st made their way into Utah after riding walking and pulling their way across the plains to settle this pretty great state.  I started thinking of my journey that landed me here in Logan Utah in 2019


Well for one thing there were a lot of detours along the way.

I grew up in Memphis TN. graduated from high school and decided to go west young man.  I went to Ricks College where I majored in broadcasting and minored in chasing girls.   I was not a good student and spent most of my time pursuing anything but really good grades.

I began my professional radio career in Rexburg and from that 1st job I found myself moving a lot.   Rexburg to Paris TN, Paris to Rexburg, Rexburg to Blackfoot, Blackfoot to Stamps Arkansas. Stamps to Paris, Paris to Moreauville La. Moreauville to Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge to Montgomery City Mo.,  Montgomery City, to Columbia Mo , Columbia to Troy Mo.  And Troy to Salt Lake City and Salt lake to Logan.

I told you I moved a lot but I have settled into a life in Logan Utah that I love.   On my 1st full day in Utah visiting my best friend I met a young lady named Teresa and slightly over a year later she became my wife.  We will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in 2020!  I am very happy to tell you I LOVE MY WIFE!

As you can tell my life has included a lot of moving boxes and some really hard times.   I even had to (yes I said had to) quit two jobs and spent months unemployed and very unhappy.  The job in Troy Mo was the one that led to me coming to Utah.  I quit after the boss questioned my honesty and certain employees told out and out lies about me.

I will say this, I am no saint and have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I try my best to be honest and take enough pride in that fact that I could no longer take the allegations.

So I packed up my life again and drove into Utah with little money and no job my life was basically in shambles.  A real low point.  I was depressed and very unhappy.  But friends and family offered me encouragement and help along the way and I can’t say thank you enough to them.

Here I am 25 years later, I have a wonderful wife a great job doing what I love to do and despite lives ups and downs.  The same thing that everyone goes through, Life can be  cruel sometimes, but I can say to you as I have found in my travels,  you can be happy where ever you live if you put your mind to it.

The incredible summers of South East Idaho

Fall in Arkansas with incredible colors.

Tennessee, my home state with so much history that I love to read about and that wonderful southern hospitality.


Montgomery city Missouri.  So much of my adult life spent there with some of the kindest people I have ever met.  I cannot tell the people of Montgomery how much I love and miss them.

But I will say this in 2019, I LOVE LIVING IN LOGAN UTAH!


Today Superman is not Marvel

Stupid news:  A date and Ice cream truck and a speeding ticket.

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