I love sitcoms from the early days of TV like Leave it to beaver and the Andy Griffith show during my teens it was The Odd couple and Lavern and Shirley and today I really enjoy Young Sheldon and The big Bang theory

However today let’s focus on the sitcoms of the 1990’s.  Recently a website using Google Trends came up with a list of the favorite 90’s sitcom in each state

13 states showed that Friends is there favorite sitcom and the big surprise to me anyway was Seinfeld only to the top sport in two states, New York and Massachusetts

So what about the favorite here in Utah drum roll please ……


I love me some 3rd rock.  Wacky, slap stick comedy with a hart.  As four aliens come to this planet to learn for The Big Giant Head this sitcom was and is priceless The romance of Dick and Mary, little Tommy the old man of the group, Sally and her fight to find love in the arms of Wayne night and of course there is Harry.   I recently found a DVD set of 3rd Rock.  Sounds like I have some marathon watching ahead of me…I just hope I don’t spit my Mt Dew through my nose.

Other great 90’s sitcoms Friends, two words Jennifer Anniston!!!!!    Three words “HOW YOU DOING”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Good show but Carlton was great

The King of Queens – is one of the sitcoms I liked at the time but find it hard to watch in re-runs.

Frasier:  Who would have thought a story of a stuffy Psychiatrist moving to Seattle to be on the radio could be so dang funny.  Niles Loves Daphne.  The dad who has his special ugly chair.  This is a classic that I still love to watch

The Simpsons.  What can you say but Doh, Don’t have a cow man and DONUTS mmmmmmm!

Seinfeld we wrote about that yesterday so just Yada Yada Yada over this part.

Everybody loves Raymond.   Great show Doris Roberts as the medaling Mom reminded me so much of someone I know. No it was not my mother

I did see on the list a few sitcoms I just did not care for like The Nanny, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and a show that I just do not like in the least and it was a huge hit.

I have tried many times to watch That 70’s show but I can’t and it surprises me because the time line is the same time line as I lived.  But for the life of me I cannot stand that show.

I know my taste are a lot different than the younger generation but most of today’s sitcoms tend to go for shock humor instead of  real comedy which sometimes will use shock humor but only in a limited basis.

Time for me to go I wonder if The Andy Griffith show is on.

On today’s morning show we had some fun Laurel or Yanni (I still don’t care) and Being Happy!

Stupid news Love- Get out of my home and a nice story from Oklahoma

Laff lines: Doing voice over work




Bad news, Good news.  That happened to me yesterday at the Doctors office.   I have not been feeling well since the 1st of the year but my Doctor said that I had an Upper Repertory infection and that should be ok soon.


I have a condition in my legs that causes a lot of pain and the Doc said that it would not get any better.  Oh well what cha gonna do?

While at the hospital I ran into people I haven’t seen in months or ever years.   I am not sure what that means but maybe it has to do with getting older and having lots of appointments for health care and my friends are getting older and they have appointments …. Well you get the picture.

We all run into people we know at strange places.  I was at the Salt lake airport and saw a friend from Missouri.   I ran into friends at restaurants in Ogden and Salt Lake, Wendover, Las Vegas, you just never know when it is going to happen.

Here is a strange one,   I have friend who lives in Idaho and several years ago he took a vacation to watch the INDY 500.  So here he is in a crowd of over 100 thousand people and he sees a friend who had moved from Idaho to North Carolina and bam the meet at the 500.

In my job I often run into people who know me but I don’t know them.  I have had people who recognize my voice or I introduce myself to someone and use my name they will ask … are you that guy on the radio?   On Thursday of last week it happened 3 times.  I am always amazed and humbled when someone takes the time to show me kindness or say good things about KOOL.

Today on the morning show we had a matter of perspective – oh to be a teacher in North Carolina and Dogs

Stupid news: brownies and Dancing

Laff lines: sweat pants



I grew up watching the gang comedy’s or The Little Rascals as they are called by most people.  Every day for years it was part of my morning routine as I was getting ready for school to watch the little rascals.  I love that show.

One of my favorite comedy lines came from the character Farina.  On a lazy summer day he would Say “I’s 2 times as tired as you is cause I’s 2 times as big as you is”   That is the way I have been feeling over the past several months with a combination of chronic pain and an infection in my leg I have not slept well the past few months.

I have played so many game of spider solitaire and read books (comic books of course).  I have come into the station yawning and feeling like I was going to fall asleep while I was talking.  But the funny thing is on some of those days I have put together what I feel have been shows.  My only thought is that when I am things my concentration goes up.

I am getting better, however last Thursday and Friday mornings were I was here on about 2 hours sleep.  I would go home and take a nap after my show but it still is not enough sleep.  Last night I had a good night’s sleep and here I sit at the keyboard yawing, yawning and yawing.

So off to the Dr I go again today to see what we can figure out then I am off to take a nap.  AHH NAPS!

As I was getting ready for this morning I did find this that might help all of us.

A recent poll found its common for people to take up to 30 minutes to fall asleep.  Mostly because we lie there stressing out about everything we have to get done the next day.

So if you have trouble sleeping, here are the top five things OTHER people do when they can’t sleep and need to unwind . . .

  1. Read.
  2. Watch TV.
  3. Take a bath.
  4. Just close your eyes and try to clear your mind.  So in other words, meditate.

I was saddened to hear about the death of Margot Kidder who died at her home in Montana on Sunday.  There’s no word on a cause of death, but her manager said she died peacefully in her sleep.  She was 69 years old.

Most   us remember Margot as Lois Lane in the four Christopher reeve Superman films movies that came out between 1978 and 1987.

Today on the morning show: The Royal wedding and the WWE wedding.

Stupid news has a mother and son going to jail on Mother’s day, Baby got back, and a 3 year upstages Mom

Laff lines.  James Corden on the Supreme Court and sports betting



It was a show about nothing!  Nothing is good!   20 years ago tonight May 14th the final episode of Seinfeld aired on NBC.

The story of 4 friends almost didn’t make the cut its 1st year.  The 1st episode was called “The Seinfeld Chronicles” was just popular enough with the audience to continue on NBC and as the show stated to hit its stride the audience came around to laughing at the life’s of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer.

The final episode feature the 4 jetting to Hollywood to film pilot  for NBC  when troubles on the jet forced a landing in a small town and witnessing a carjacking without trying to help the victim.  A new law called the “Good Samaritan Law” was broken and our four had to go to court to face charges.  Where they were convicted and sentence to spend one day in jail.

Side not.   The man who was car jacked was the late stand -up comedian and actor John Pinnete.  He is one of my favorite comedians and based on the amount of feedback we get could be one of yours too.   I got to meet John about 25 years ago at the Rivera where he was performing.  Here is a routine of John Pinnete.


It amazing to think about how much the show affected our lives and speech.  Think about it – How many times have you heard “NO SOUP FOR YOU” “SERINTY NOW” OR “HAPPY FESTIVUS “?

Some of my favorite lines include_ These Pretzels are making me thirsty, That is one magic logie, He’s a regifter, Shinkage, I don’t want to be a pilot, and The dingo are your baby.

Here is 100 quotes from Seinfeld

But the phase I use the most in everyday life comes from “The Soup Nazi” No it isn’t No Soup for you, it the word Smoopie.   The term of endearment that Jerry and his girlfriend used to determine who the Smoopiest was!   My wife and I still use the term or variations to express our love and friendship with each other.  AWWWWWWWW as to quote The Church Lady ‘Isn’t that special”

So the next time I answer the phone don’t be surprised if I say ‘Vandalay Industries”.

Here is a true story that happened to me, I took my in-laws to Salt Lake to have some work on a vacuum cleaner.   I AM NOT KIDDING THE BUISNESS WAS CALLED VANDALY INDUSTRIES.    I did not have a phone with a camera in it so I don’t have the proof but my wife and I were about to lose it and my in-laws were saying what’s so funny.  Google it!

It was a great show and still one of the most popular in syndication.  Not bad for a show about nothing.

Today’s Stupid News:  A woman in Florida had a warrant for her arrest you will not believe where cops found her, a law suit over Ice cream and laundry.

Laff lines: I am not a Thug



Of course my mom liked me best, I was the youngest and a baby boy in house full of women.  (I had an older Brother Sammy who died shortly after birth)  On top of that I was so dang cute.

My sisters might disagree, but I don’t think there were favorites in our house after my father died when I was four years old.

My Mom had 5 kids to take care of with little education and being 2 hours away from her family.  She went back to school became a Nurse and even thought we had to scrape by we didn’t want for anything but a little more money, which mom would find ways to do with her talent in arts and crafts.

Gingerbread houses, Wedding Albums, Ragady Anne and Andy Dolls.  My mother had a creative talent and she love us kids.

I only remember one time Mom got really upset with me I mean really mad, but I don’t remember ever being spanked and back then it was a common practice.   The worst punishment my Mother could give me was saying ‘I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU”

I hope that today my mom would not be disappointed in me.  I tell everyone that even though at times I struggled and had every opportunity of becoming a far different man than I am today.

Things my mom taught me!

BE honest, don’t be mean to others, and be polite.  Be courteous, Control my temper, How to cook no drop oatmeal cookies, and brownies!


TO PUT THE SEAT BACK DOWN!  Most of the time

One more thought about my mom.   You might have read it this week in a memory my Sister Judy shared on our Facebook page about Tab Soda

For years our Saturday morning routine would me trying to watch Superman and Cartoons.  When Mom was ready to start her day you would hear her proclaim in a loud menacing tone (as menacing as she got) ‘YOU KIDS GET AND CLEAN UP THIS FILTHY HOUSE!   I’M GOING TO DORSETS.

Dorset’s was a small family run grocery store the kind you rarely see anymore.  Mom would go there to get groceries and spend two hour talking with Mrs. Dorset while drinking a Tab and eating a Honey Bun.   That was her escape from the realities she had to face every day, how to raise 5 kids alone on an LPN salary.   She did and did it well!  At least that’s what I think and you know I am the youngest and MOM LIKED ME BEST!

Here are some Mothers day’s fact that I found interesting if you’re going out to a restaurant for Mother’s Day and don’t have a reservation yet, you might want to get on that.  Or plan to wait 90 minutes for a table.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 34% of us are planning to dine out for Mother’s Day this weekend.  That’s about 87 MILLION people.

But if you can’t get to a sit down try some fast food Derwinersnitzel is giving Mom’s a Chili dog meal for free on Sunday.  Nothing say I love you mom that a CHILI DOG!

34% said they’re doing a home-cooked meal.  8% are getting takeout or delivery.

If you’re getting Mom a card for Mother’s Day, don’t use these

Mom, I’d love to take you out to an expensive dinner . . . but I’m broke, so here’s a fidget spinner.

I’m so grateful for all of the good times we’ve spent . . . I just have one question: Can you cover my rent?

Today on the Morning show: Video’s games and Carpal Tunnel, and YO MAMA jokes lead to a woman losing her job.

Stupid news: A New Mayor in North Carolina and advice on the correct way to change a baby’s diapers

Laff lines Tim Hawkins on Mom’s advice


When you are young there are celebrities that you idolize the ones who you love everything they do.  When I was younger there were entire magazines devoted to a teenage girl to see pictures of the latest teen idol.  Now since I am not a girl my idols growing up tended to be sports stars like Gayle Sayers and Bob Gibson.  Rock and roll stars like Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Over my years in radio I have had the opportunity to meet and interview.  People like Garth Brooks, Three dog Night. Reo speed Wagon and serval prominent politicians.  There have only been two that I geeked out about one was Charlie Daniels and the other Tommy Smother’s.

Several years ago a friend who runs a cable TV station in Laughlin Nevada called me and asked if I would like to interview Tommy since he was in Laughlin doing a show and since Tommy was a friend of his he said he could set it up.    GEEK OUT TIME!

I waited and waited until it was time for me to call one of the great comedy minds and a cultural icon of the 60’s.  The Smother’s Brothers comedy hour was a ratings winner for CBS but it was controversial at the same time with jokes and skits about politics and the Vietnam War.  The Smothers brothers pushed the envelope and CBS fired them for it!  But the style of humor they did was the kind I love.  Edgy maybe a little crude without being filthy.

My sisters and I would listen to the comedy albums over and over again. Favorites included, I fell in a vat of chocolate.  The civil war song and Hiawatha the shin kicker.   Tom and Dick Smothers were awesome and I had the opportunity to see them several times before they retired.

But back to the interview, I asked Tommy about the CBS controversy, we talked the use of the straight man for a comedy team and what an important role the Dick had in the duo.   I also asked Tommy about John Lennon and the so called lost weekend which included John and Harry Neilsen getting kicked out of a LA club and Tommy playing guitar on “Give Peace a Chance”   I thought the interview was incredible if I do say so myself and I do say so myself.

After completing the interview I was a ball of energy.  I was bouncing off the walls I WAS GEEKING OUT!  I talked with Tommy Smothers! I spent the rest of the day calling friends and families telling them, my poor wife heard the story over and over again but she smiled every time.   One of the Koolest things I ever did.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to my interview with Tommy Smothers

Today on the morning show we talked shoes picking your nose

Stupid news about crooks being stupid

Laff Lines: Drinking and smoking



I love watching movies, mostly action movies but movies in general.  However I am not a big fan of musicals.  So on today’s blog some of my favorite movies you might not have watched (or liked)

Blues brothers 2000 – I know the movie plot was really bad but oh the music in this film was incredible.   The concert at the end with all these legendary musicians to this day gets me pumped up just thinking about how good that was

Silent movie—one of Mel Brooks least successful films.  I thought it was brilliant with it truly being silent with only one word spoken by Marcel Marceau when he said ‘NO” loved it

Tommy boy – I know this was very successful film but I don’t think it got the praise it should have.  It was a great story of a young man everybody thought was a screw up who was smarter than everyone thinks.   Who doesn’t relate to this science?

Blank man  _ Damon Wayans and David Allen Geer  kind of a parody of a Superhero film but I liked it because the film to me was more of a movie about what a Brother would do to protect his younger brother.

Ed wood– I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  Shot in Black and white and based on a true story of Ed wood one of the worst film makers of all time.   Jonny Depp was Ed Wood the man who gave u Plan 9 from outer space and other movies that were so bad they were good.   When you watch it you will be touched by the relationship of Ed and Bella Lugosi played by Martin Landau .  Sarah Jessica Parker,  Bill Murray and George the Animal Steel.  This is a great film!

FM—Who would have thought I would love a film about a Radio station.  I saw this several times in the theater itself and at home too.  Not only do you get a pretty good look behind the scenes of a radio station but you get live concert footage of Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffet.

Only the lonely — My absolute favorite John Candy film!  John plays a Chicago Fireman who is overweight and lives with his Mom.  Legendary actress Maureen O’Hare.  John has trouble getting into a relationship partly because of his weight and an overbearing Mom.   That is until he meets a quirky woman portrayed by Ally Sheedy who grew up above a funeral home and does make up for the dead and makes them look like movie stars.    This is a romantic comedy but more importantly a film about people who feel misfits and outcast and finding each other

American hot wax- A true story about the early days of Rock and Roll about the man who game up with the term ROCK AND ROLL.   Alan Freed saw the future and fought hard to play good time music that some felt was the “Devil’s Music” and a lot of that based on racial bigotry.  Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry are also in this move

Eddie and the cruisers – A rock and roll mystery of the disappearance of Eddie and how his band went from nothing to being huge stars.  I won’t do a spoiler but this is really good.  Music by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band was awesome.  Most people thought that the songs were by Bruce Springsteen.  When you hear “On the Dark side “That comes from this movie.  The soundtrack had a hit with tender years.

That is just a few favorites I am sure as go through my day more will come to my mind, what little of it is left.

The video of the day was all about movie mistakes that made the movie better.  Not sure if this next little tid-pit will make this better but I had a mistake this morning that is a little embarrassing.

Out contest “The Mother’s day giveaway’ is going on now but as part of my job I have the responsibility to let a few people here in the building know the winners name and the prize they won.  Well as I am preparing the e-mail I was about to hit the send button when I notice a mistake.   The winner won a 50 dollar Gift certificate for Cox Honeyland!   Nice huh?  However in my haste to finish up I typed out Cox Hineyland. DOH!  Maybe I was remembering a series of fake radio commercials for Hiney Wine, yeas have a little Hiney.

Today on the morning show:  The food bank and I want to go to prison

Stupid news:  An Angry woman, a 911 call, and a new job?

Laff Lines: Young people today



Around here at the Cache Valley Media group of stations I am known as the Superhero guy.  Anytime a new Super Hero movie comes out they are stopping me in the halls and asking my opinion kind of like a review.  And since I don’t do crowed theaters I waited until Monday afternoon to go see “Avengers Infinity Wars” with my wife!

So here is my mini opinion without spoilers I hope

Most of the movie was really good.  A mixture of action and some comedy which is what Marvel does great.  There were some shocking moments that should have told me what was to come.  I really thought the director did a great job with such a huge cast of hero’s.   The action was incredible the special effects incredible except one scene with David Banner’s head on top of the Hulk Buster Iron Man suit.

So overall I enjoyed Infinity Wars but the ending (no spoilers) left me somewhat angry.  Maybe I don’t know enough about the Marvel Universe but the ending left me scratching my head.

Now in my defense I was unaware that there was a part two for next May. Knowing that might have changed my mind about the movie.

Because of the ending I was disappointed in the movie but the Popcorn was AWESOME!

Today is national “Have a Coke” Day!

I have enjoyed more than a few in my day so thanks to National today here are the results of a survey on Coke- a Cola

  1. 67% of people say their favorite type of Coke is straight-up Coca-Cola Classic.  16% like Diet Coke the most . . . 10% Mexican Coke . . . and 8% Coke Zero.


2.the most popular way to drink Coke is out of a glass bottle, at 34%.  Cans got 24% . . . fountain soda got 21% . . . and plastic bottles got 21%.


  1. And our five favorite foods to eat with Coke are:  Burgers . . . pizza . . . French fries . . . chicken wings . . . and tacos.

(Dave)  Just to add to the survey I am not a diet coke fan at all.  But a diet cola made by the Coca Cola Company always reminds me of my Mother,

If you are old enough to remember the first attempt at Diet Cola was a product named TAB.  My mother loved TAB, I didn’t!   My cousin loves it.  Oh boy I thought it was nasty.   So why do I think of my mother when I see people drink Diet Coke?   Because of TAB and Honey Buns.

When I was a teenager I had school and my Mother would work from 3 until 11 pm.  So there were times when I didn’t really get to see her for a few days.  Sometimes she would be awake early and offer to take me to school and she would always stop at a store and let me get a soda (probably a Dr Pepper).   I would always ask “What do you want Mom” her reply “A TAB and a Honey bun”

To be honest with you I am smiling as I write this memory and also I have a little tear in my eye.   I know that you can still buy TAB in some stores but I think Mom will forgive me if I just eat a Honey Bun in her honor!


Today in Stupid news it wasn’t popcorn popping on an Apricot Tree they saw and Let’s Get ready to …… get wet.


Laff lines:  Uber drivers




It was an up and down weekend for me

Saturday started off a little off because my wife and I usually go to breakfast on Saturdays but because of other commitments we couldn’t do it.  (I missed out on my biscuits and gravy)

Saturday was just off, computer and phone issues early in the day got me extremely frustrated.  Saturday afternoon was a different story.   I was calm sitting in a rocker on the porch eating Hot Tamales candy and napping a little.

Saturday was also an event I look forward too every year FREE COMIC BOOK DAY” So off I went to my comic store and indulged in some free stuff!  I love those two words FREE STUF!

Saturday evening I had planned on going to the Extreme Midget Wrestling show but I forgot it was going on until 5 minutes before the event.  That got me frustrated again.  This time Ice cream calmed me down

Sunday was good but all I could think about were the frustration of the weekend and I was out of Hot Tamales candy but burgers and more ice cream calmed me right down.

As I sit here putting my thoughts down I seem to be dwelling on Saturday and the frustrations of the weekend keep popping up in my mind you do know there is a store close to here and I know they have Hot Tamales.   I think I need some.

Today on the morning show we talked showers and super powers

Stupid news was ewww and argggg

Laff Lines: shopping carts




The Utah Jazz are playing the Houston Rockets this weekend and the Jazz fans are getting flax from some players and some of the press for taking things too far in the actions they take.

Wednesday night a Jazz fan in Huston was yelling at Rocket Star James Harden saying he was a flopper, Harden them slapped the man’s phone.  Some people cried foul on the fan and some cried foul on Harden, who in all likely hood will be NBA MVP.

In the Deseret news this morning there was a message from Jazz owner Gail Miller

The Miller family has owned the Utah Jazz for 33 years,” Jazz owner Gail Miller said in a statement, “and we believe our fans have been among the best in the NBA. They are loyal, loud, passionate and full of enthusiasm for their team.”

The Jazz believe that more than ever — even in the aftermath of allegations of distasteful behavior Oklahoma City star Russell Westbrook made after Utah eliminated the Thunder in the first round.

Westbrook had two separate confrontations with Jazz fans en route to the locker room in Game 6 last Friday. He vented about some Utah spectators’ alleged boorish behavior in the postgame press conference.

Later in the article they the d-news quoted Russel Westbrook of the Thunder who had 2 altercations with fans during the playoffs

Here in Utah, man, a lot of disrespectful, vulgar things are said to the players with these fans. It’s truly disrespectful,”

Westbrook said. “They talk about your family, about your kids, and it’s just a disrespect to the game and I think it’s something that needs to be brought up.

He might be right but then again what is too far.   Fans are part of the game a big part.  Jazz nation is known to be one of the loudest in the NBA and that is KOOL!  The atmosphere of a great home game is something you feel not just hear.

However when the behavior starts being personal, when a so called fan brings up a man’s family that is a different matter altogether.   I have heard it in the stands at sporting events and most of the time security can handle it.  But then again images of Ron Artest punching a fan, baseball players going into the stands   the soccer fans riots in Great Britain.   It is a problem I fear could get worse.  I was at a Salt Lake Bee’s game when the opposing teams bullpen started to go after some fans who were in there ears.

This behavior is sometimes a learned experience.  Some friends of mine have children who play hockey on Saturday’s and one Saturday they were at a tournament in Salt Lake City and they witnessed what I call a criminal act by parents.   THE PARENTS STARTED SPITTING ON THE KIDS ON THE OTHER TEAM!  The tournament officials did disqualify the team the parents were supporting which was the right thing to do, however I believe Police should have been involved “THEY WERE SPITTING ON KIDS” There is a word that describes that kind of action but I am not supposed to use that kind of language.   So please fill in the blank.   THESE PEOPLE  ARE SICK TWISTED IDIOTIC ________________.

How can we stop these events from happening, you can’t.  Emotions run high in sports on the field and on the field or court.  So go to the games enjoy yourself cheer for your team but remember athletics of all ages are human and they can have a temper too and sometimes both sides take things too far.


This morning we talked lettuce and fashion

Stupid news was all about a helicopter a mystery pooper, money all over and a man who watches way too many action movies



lines: School Assembly