Admit it you had candy for Breakfast today, well most of us did….. Yes you know I did.

We were prepared for a lot of Trick or Treaters and I even put some of my Star Wars and Super Hero collection out for people to see.  But where were the kids.  We had a few but not near as many as last year.  I would talk to a lot of the Trick or Treaters and comment on the costume they were wearing.  One family had a child dressed as Batman (you know I loved that) and Venom.  I said “Wow it’s Batman and Venom too”.  Then there was a young man who didn’t have a costume on who immediately said “And a Human”.   Made me laugh out loud.  Thanks Human Kid.     Just before we finished for the night there was a whole family of Humans 6 kids no costumes, nothing, nada, nope!  But we had gobs of candy so HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

We have a new voice starting today on KOOL 1039.  Please welcome Aaronee.   She joined me on the air today and told us more about her.  Listen here

Stupid news today: a scary moment on TV, Dead Celebrities and a new world record.   Listen here

LAFF LINES   George Carlin on let’s make a Deal

Here is a link for a Photo Gallery of kids in Downtown Logan from CacheValleydaily.com





It’s finally here Halloween! A time for little and not so little Ghost and Goblins to put on costumes and go get candy.   As a kid I usually dressed as a Hobo, yep even as a kid I was cheap,   Today I done a mask and become a Wrestler!

Yes , I love Pro Wrestling…   so I have a mask and get to pretend that I get to be Dave the Destroyer!   But alas the only thing I have destroyed is a few boxes of cookies and a gallon of Ice cream.    Have a great time today and please be careful.

Also today is a sad day here at KOOL 103.9 we say goodbye to Emily, who is leaving KOOL 1039 today.  I wish her only the best and thank her for her friendship.

But with lose comes new friends and co- workers, Aaronee will be joining the fun here at KOOL so please welcome her to the gang here!  On Wednesday at 8:45 we talk with her and find out more about her.

Today on Stupid news, the World series, yuk treats, and former President Obama.  Listen here

Logan makes a good place to live!  Listen here :

Today’s Laff lines Jimmy Fallon Halloween thank you notes.  Listen here



There are times in your life you just know that you will remember something that happened that will be the source of laughter in your family.    One of those happened to me this weekend

My wife and I were on I-80 on our way to Park city on Saturday to see some friends play Hockey.   As I approached a slow moving Semi I put on my turn signal (safety 1st) and as I changed lanes there it was in the middle of the road with no time to react A DEAD SKUNK!  And as the song says “Stinking to High Heaven”.   Yep, that smell got all over my car!   You can stop laughing now!   The smell is almost gone?

That was just a part of a great weekend!  We had a visit from two little girls and I spent most of the weekend laughing as my wife and this 12 year old and 8 year old were having a great time.   I wish I had just a little of the energy of these two kids.  Heck I wish I had any energy at all.

That was my weekend a smelly fun weekend that I will always remember!

Today’s Stupid news involves a scandal, the World series, and Beer.  Listen here

Laugh lines comes from John Pinnette about Trick or Treating.

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With Halloween coming this Tuesday here are some Halloween facts:

How much will you spend on the Trick or Treaters, about 22 dollars.

We here in Utah spend a lot on candy but not as much as Oregon.  The Beehive State comes in 4th behind Oregon, Washington and New Jersey.  The states that spend the least are Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, and Colorado.

We’ll spend an average of $80 TOTAL on Halloween.  $22 on candy . . . $27 on our costume . . . $21 on decorations . . . and about $10 on other stuff.

Young people spend the most on their costumes, an average of $66.  People in their 50s and 60s spend the least, an average of just $3.  This year I am going cheap also,  I got the Idaho from The Simpsons

Here I am at Comic con w

NBC news did a story about Halloween Candy and I couldn’t resist.  Listen here:


Stupid news is all about a robbery, a speeding tickets, and vandals.  Listen here.


Laff Lines is one of my favorite comedians the late John Pinette on Halloween.


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The Dodgers and the Astro’s, this is shaping up to be a great world series.

As a lot of you know I am a diehard fan of the St Louis Cardinals.  I have been all my life.  One of my favorite memories of my childhood deals with Cardinal Baseball.  On a weekend trip to see family in Paris TN, I talked my Mom into tuning into a radio station that was airing Cardinal Baseball.  As we got closet the game was tight and I was really into the game.  My cousins were also listening to the Cards and the Pirates on a radio propped into the bedroom window and playing a rousing game of backyard miniature golf.  I joined in the fun but we stopped and really listened to the final three outs.  The drama was building and the Cards won the game 1-0 in a game where the great Bob Gibson pitched a no hitter!

While living near St Louis I attended some baseball games at the old BUSH stadium, including a 14 inning game with the Giants and I sat at the right field flag pole for a game vs the Cubs.  I even got to meet a few players.

My wife and I took some vacation days and drove to Phoenix to see the Cards and the D-backs.  It was July 5th when we pulled into the hotel parking lot it was 115 degrees!   The hotel we booked advertised it was within easy walking distance of the stadium.   EASY, I think not!  It was several huge city blocks and did I say it was 115 outside!   But we loved the games we saw there.

I know there are people who don’t enjoy the game as much as I do, it is a slower pace than football and basketball.  But I love the mind games the players and managers play on each other and is there anything better than your favorite player hitting a home run to win the game.

Dodgers and Astros ! Yep I love baseball

Rock and Roll legend Fats Domino has died.  Listen here for more


Stupid News today was all about Pumpkins, Wedding crashers, and Shopping Carts …..  Listen here.


Laff lines – Cell phones and calling MOM… Listen here



I am becoming a HALLOWEENIE!

Let me explain, I grew up in Memphis at a time that people were mean.  Trick or treating became dangerous, there were idiots  who would  lace candy with drugs, and a friend of mine got an apple with pins in it.  Add to that , I don’t like scary movies and instead of saying “Happy Halloween” I would say “BOO HUMBUG”  I was a Halloween Scrooge.

My change in atidude began just a few years ago, when we here at KOOL 103.9 began toying with the idea of becoming Ghoul 103.9. ( it was actually my idea)  I was assigned the task of putting together a Halloween trick or treat program that included spooky and fun Halloween songs.  As I worked putting the show together by Grinch like heart grew into a giant Candy Corn for Halloween.  I started to see the fun side of Halloween.

I put together mash- ups of songs, put together sound clips and found stand up comedy about Halloween and yes now I enjoy Halloween.   I wouldn’t say it is my favorite holiday but I am coming around.  Who knows maybe some year I will even go Trick or Treating again.

Come on be a HALLOWEENIE with us and  listen Halloween afternoon as KOOL become GHOUL 1039.  5 hours of Halloween fun.  Starting at 4pm


Today’s “STUPID NEWS”   Ramen Noodles,  the Lottery and a crook in Salt lake.       Listen here

Jazz man Joe Ingals is fined by the NBA    Listen here

Laff lines is all about Netflix.  Listen here





Sometimes I feel like there are not enough hours in a day, not enough of me to go around.  Well if you have seen me you know there is a lot of me.  But enough of the Fat jokes.

I spent Monday feeling like I was behind on everything.  I got the radio station about the same time I usually do put for some reason I was behind the eight ball all day.  It wasn’t that there was much extra work, I just felt rushed all day long.  Even when it was bed time I felt like I needed to fall asleep right then.

So I wake up just minutes before my alarm goes off and start my day and guess what?   That feeling is still there!   I know we all feel like that sometimes.

Well, I better go, a lot to do and not enough time to do it .

Here’s today’s Stupid news that includes singing in the car , road rage and a gang problem back east.    Listen here

Laff lines is all about being late   listen here




As we get ready for Halloween, we start thinking of costumes , decorations and of course Halloween candy

A new survey found that kids and adults have VERY different opinions on the best Halloween candies.

Kids’ top eight candies include stuff that’s really sugary and usually fruit-flavored:  Smarties . . . Starburst . . . Twix . . . Nerds . . . Skittles . . . Sour Patch Kids . . . M&Ms . . . and Laffy Taffy.

And adults’ top eight are MUCH more chocolate oriented:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups . . . M&Ms . . . Swedish Fish . . . Hershey’s Kisses . . . candy corn . . . Fun Dip . . . Snickers . . . and Kit Kats.

Speaking of CANDY, Here is something I put together with the song “I want candy” by the Stangeloves.

Don’t forget to join us Halloween afternoon when KOOL becomes Ghoul 103.9.  At 4 pm we play 5 hours of spooky and fun songs with a Halloween theme.   It is always a lot of fun so spread the word.

In today’s stupid news.  Shoplifting in Hawaii , Cake sends a woman to jail, and a drug bust.  Listen here

Today’s Laff Line is from Jim Gaffagan who is not a morning person.  Listen here.



I have a love hate relationship with my alarm clock.   Some mornings that buzzing sound goes off and reminds me that I get to come to KOOL 103.9 and play radio.   But there are times when that buzzer goes off and I think ALARM CLOCKS ARE EVIL!

Alarm clocks have changed yet remain the same, wind up, electric, battery operated and now you can set your phone to wake you up or your smart speaker too.

I used and wind up alarm for years until one night watching Monday night Football when The St Louis football Cardinals  (now Arizona )were playing The San Diego Chargers ( now the L.A.. Chargers).   I had to get up early on Tuesday morning and as the game wound down I was winding up my alarm clock and the Chargers kicked a long last second field goal to be my favorite team.   Without thinking, I do that a lot, I slammed the alarm on my desk!  I shattered, and it cut my hand in several places.    The alarm clock got it’s revenge!

It’s a love hate relationship for sure, especially at 4:30 am!



Today’s stupid news –  A 1st date, A dollar Bill , and Pokemon.  Listen here.

Bored at work here are some tips and highlights from Billy Joel’s new Album.  Listen here



Today’s Laff Lines is another Star Wars themed break.  Clinton Jackson all about EWOKS… Listen here  Clinton Jackson



Sometimes when you go to your job you don’t feel well.  That has been my story the past couple of days.  However I have felt like the morning show the past couple of days have been good shows, (I hope you agree).

At one point today after being on the air and thinking “Hey that was pretty good” and wondering why it was, it came to me.   I was concentrating more on what I was doing instead of not feeling well.

That might explain a lot of things, remember when Michael Jordan had that incredible game against the Jazz when he had the flu, (I still think he pushed off B –Russ).   Or when Brett Farv had a record setting night the day after his father died.  Heck I even bowled my best game of 266 on the day we buried my Grandmother.

I guess what I am trying to say is……  Dang I forgot what I was going to say, I don’t feel well.


Today’s stupid news includes Halloween being cancelled, Turkeys, and Rats.   Listen here

Did you know that Billy Joel is going to be a father at 68?   We asked him WHY?    Plus a food fight in North Carolina. Listen here

Laff lines is all about YODA!