• Pete Townshend is taking a break from social media. The Who leader posted a message to fans on his Instagram page — “Yaggerdang” — stating, “Sorry, I have 50k followers and it was rude not to explain why I am temporarily disabling my account. I am very well. Happy. Life is good. But I am in a period of writers' block around music and I think I need to have fewer distractions. So this is not about me not wanting to say anything to my followers, but rather that I need a break from some of the amazing people I follow who seem to have so much to say, and are producing so much music. I’ll be back when I have something to share, or when I’m making music again. Stay safe, be kind, be cool. LOVE!!!”
  • Bon Jovi guitarist, and Richie Sambora's replacement — Phil X — gave fans a sneak peak into what they can expect from the band's upcoming album, Bon Jovi 2020, due out on October 2nd. The guitarist told Guitar World, “Jon (Bon Jovi) had it all mapped out. Lyrically and musically, he had something to say. We all got into the studio last year and recorded the bed tracks over a period of 11 days. Then Jon went over his favorites and we finished the songs and shot two videos. There's a particular solo on one of the songs, 'Beautiful Drug,' that I'm really proud of.” (Ultimate-Guitar.com)
  • Director Todd Haynes, best known for the Bob Dylan semi-biopic I'm Not There, Velvet Goldmine, and Far From Heaven, is currently working on a documentary on the Velvet Underground. The film, which is Hayes documentary feature debut, is currently in post-production and seeking distribution.
    • Haynes spoke about the project to IndieWire.com and shed light on the band's benefactor, the legendary Andy Warhol: “Artists, particularly Warhol, were calling into questions all kinds of attitudes and assumptions and ways of reading dominant culture that had preceded him, in his work, his films, and his art, but also in the way he lived and the way he drew people around him into the Factory.” (IndieWire.com)
  • Pete Way, the co-founding bassist of UFO died on August 14th, following life-threatening injuries in an accident two months ago. Way, who inspired a legion of future musicians, is also remembered for his work in Waysted and most recently, the Pete Way Band. (Press release)
    • Metallica's Kirk Hammett saluted Way on Instagram, posting, “Pete Way was a huge influence on me. He was uncompromising musically and he was a great performer. He had a unique feel and wrote some of my all-time fave songs. My heart goes out to all his friends and family.”
    • Geddy Lee posted: “I have so many fond and hilarious memories of touring with Pete and UFO back in the late 70's. A true rock and roll character always 'takin' the piss' as they would say in his homeland. I once asked him about his bass sound and he said, 'Well, Glee. . . it's uh. . .3/4 good, and 1/4 . . not very nice!' A funny, energetic, sweet man and a great rock bassist. R.I.P. Pway”
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