I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s..  Well really you can add the 60’s to that to.   OK to be truthful, I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s and a young adult of the 80’s.  As I grow older I will talk with kids and tell those stories and they look and me like I am from another planet.  (Could be, you never know)

Here are some of the things we can say to a kid that they have no idea about

Let’s get a stack of 45’s on the old hi-fi and have a dance party

That feeling of getting out a VHS tape and being mad with the last person to use it didn’t rewind it.  Then you realize it was you

Let’s go see a double feature at the drive in

Who wants to play a game of Pong?

Waiting for your favorite song to play on the radio then recording it on your crassest

Going  to Blockbuster to get the movie you have been waiting to see then it is SOLD OUT!

Cool people who had brick phones

The smell the purple ink on the “ditto” paper.
You just heat up the oil first, add the popcorn and shake the pan over the burner.

MTV used to stand for “Music Television” and now stands for “More tasteless viewing”

 Getting lost because you didn’t follow the map

Taping your favorite show only to find out some had recorded over it before you could watch it

Waiting for your pictures to be developed or forgetting to take in the film from your last vacation for a couple of years

And finally waking up early on Saturday mornings so you could watch cartoons and having your mother say “Why can’t you wake up to go to school during the week and now at 6am on Saturday here you are watching Batman”

But hey we still need those kids to help us with our computers

Today we talked Muppets and B. O.

Stupid news: the times we live in, a package delivered to the wrong address and lucky people.  Listen here

Laff lines Jerry Seinfeld on cookies



Who would have thought a simple invention like the telephone would completely change our lives and our habits.   From having to get and operator to help with the call to party lines when you could listen to other people talk (I didn’t do it but I know people who did)   Jr Samples on Hee Haw telling us to call B.R. 5-4-9.

Rock and roll music was influenced by the phone.   Songs like Beachwood -4789< Chantilly Lace, Hello it’s me, I just called to say I love you, Memphis TN, Telephone Man, Telephone line  Call me and of course  867-5309.

Now we use our Smart phones for everything from texting, checking social media, streaming movies and even making telephone calls!   Yes, people actually use their phone to call people.

I text a lot of people myself, I find it easier just a quick note to someone is easier than getting into long conversations.   I am a busy man!  I have Batman comics to read and pro wrestling to watch and oh yeah being on the radio and spending time with my wife.  Boy the sacrifices I make to have a job and have a great marriage.

What gave me the idea for this blog?  I read some stats on about what we do with our phone

 Your phone might be the most expensive thing you carry around.  But according to a recent survey, 22% of us have gotten angry and HURLED our phone across the room before. (Not me) Here are six more stats about our cell phone habits . . .

  1. Have you ever cracked the screen on your phone?  62% of us have.  38% said their screen has always remained intact. (Dirty yes, cracked no)
  2. Do you ever use your phone on the toilet?  94% said yes, including 79% who said they ALWAYS do.  Only 6% said they’ve never used their phone in the bathroom. (I admit it Yep on the toilet, Gotta play those games sometime)
  3. Have you ever dropped it IN the toilet, and had to fish it out?  23% of us have.  Wow, that’s gross. (NOPE, NOPE AND NOPE AND I MIGHT RETHINK THAT TOILET THING)
  4. Do you sleep with your phone in the bedroom?  92% of us do, including 9% who put it under their pillow.  Only 8% said they don’t keep their phone in the room with them. (Most of the time but on vibrate only, my ringtone it The Batman song, don’t want to freak out, that comes when the alarm clock goes off at 4:30)
  5. How many chargers do you have?  30% said just one . . . 37% said two . . . 20% said three . . . and 13% said four or more. (Not sure if I can’t find one I just “Teresa where’s the charger?   And the remote.)
  6. How many apps do you have on your phone . . . is it more than 30?  64% said no, they have less than 30.  36% said yes, they have more than 30 apps.  That includes 8% who said they have WAY more than 30. (My phone came with a bunch and I have added about 10 one of which is the KOOL 1039 AP!  Shameless plug GET YOUR NOW!


What would do without our phone?  Actually talk to each other…. Excuse me some just sent me a text!

I have found a great side gig to make some extra money and there is a new weapon on the war on crime.  Listen here

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  Why am I in a bad mood?  I just am I guess, but I don’t like being in a bad mood.  I really don’t like the feeling that every little thing that goes wrong can make me turn into a grumpy old man.

Maybe I am in a bad mood because the Jazz have lost 5 of their last 6 games.   Maybe it’s because I haven’t felt well the past week and that makes me grumpy.  Maybe I just need to eat more bacon!  YES THAT IT!

So I went on line and found a Huffington Post article on 9 sneaky reason you’re in a bad mood by Amanda L Chan.  Here is some of what Amanda said.

There are lots of reasons to be in a less-than-stellar mood. Strained relationships, financial woes and health problems can all conspire to bring down your mental well-being. For factors like these, we have very little control or say over the outcome. But fortunately, there are a few small things you can change in your life to give your mental state a little lift.

  1. You’re not getting enough fruits and veggies.

    Yes, produce is good for your physical health, but it can also have an impact on mental well-being. Researchers from the University of Warwick and Dartmouth College looked at the diets and well-being of 80,000 people in Great Britain, and found that people who ate about seven 80-gram portions of fruits and vegetables a day also had the highest mental well- being

  2. You still haven’t seen any sunlight today.

    Trapped inside all day? The fix: Take a walk outside! (Dave, she hasn’t been here in an Inversion

  3. You’re dehydrated.

    Being just a little bit dehydrated could lead to a worse mood!

  4. The fix: Make sure you’re guzzling enough god ol: H 2 O. While the oft-heard adage to get eight glasses of water a day is largely considered outdated, the Institute of Medicine does recommend 3.7 liters of total beverage intake each day for men and 2.7 liters each day for women. (And yes, this does include other kinds of beverages, like tea, coffee and juices.)
  1. You’re working too much. (Dave, Yeah that’s it)

    . A study from Kansas State University researchers showed that people who work more than 50 hours a week had decreased physical well-being (from skipping meals) ( Dave Me miss a meal NO)

The fix: Sure, you may be working so much because of circumstances out of your control (deadlines, projects, managers’ expectations). — trying to get a little more sleep.  , and prioritize your goals.

  1. You’re spending way too much time on Facebook. (Dave: You mean all those political post with all the name calling and finger pointing can get you in a bad mood, Nope that is not it.  That just makes me mad!)

    The longer you spend on social media, the worse your mood will get, suggests a 2014 study from Austrian researchers. The reason, it seems, is because using Facebook can feel like a waste of time. “.
    The fix: Actually put the phone down and spend some time with the people physically around you!

  2. You’re all slouchy.

    Little did you know that your mom’s admonishments to “sit up straight” were actually for your mental well-being. A study from San Francisco State University researchers found that changing your posture so that you’re more upright is associated with improved mood and energy.

  3. You haven’t laughed (or smiled) in awhile.

    Even just a smile can do the trick.

  4. You’re tired.

    OK, so it’s not exactly a secret that being sleepy can turn the most charming of personalities into a total crab apple. But it bears mentioning that there’s a link between not getting enough sleep and increased stress and irritability…

The fix: While the amount of sleep needed differs from person to person ,The National Sleep foundation says  adults need seven to nine hours a night, while kids and teens need a bit more.  Dave: you mean not getting to sleep until 11:30pm and waking up at 4:30am is not enough sleep?  I need a nap)

  1. You haven’t escaped to nature in a while.

    A trip to immerse yourself in nature according to a University of Michigan study!

The fix: Get back into nature. (Dave:  Inversion thing again, I guess a trip about the gunk would help)

I will be in a better mood on Wednesday. Why?  It’s HUMP DAY!

There is a new law in New Jersey

Stupid news has Sneezing, a Mayor and a Roundabout

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Yes Happy Rusev Day.  What does that mean?   Just like on TV or Radio “MORE AFTER THIS”!

I am sure it has happened to all of us at one time or another.  We look forward to the weekend a time to enjoy life.  But that little tickle in the throat and the aches and pains start and BAM the weekend is ruined.  That is what happened at our house this weekend.

Last Monday it hit me the sick feeling the no energy the coughing the hacking and I didn’t start feeling better until Sunday evening.  My wife comes home from her job on Friday and BAM it hits her.   So our weekend was coughing aches and pains and naps.    This is the cold and flu season and if you haven’t had you flu shot, get it.  I know the reports that this year’s vaccine say it is only 30% effective and there are several strains this year it is worth it to me.  This is the 1st time in about 6 years I had the flu.  The only redeeming feature of the weekend was watching football and napping all day on Sunday.

So what about Ruesev day.   Just think WWE!

As you know I love pro wrestling and do a Pod cast with Ajay Salveson and Zane Petersen about it called turnbuckle trash.  So last week I spent some time putting together a best of 2017 pod cast.  I hope you take time to listen to some of it.  It is in several sections you can listen to.  I think even none wrestling fans will enjoy the BUTTFUMBLE segment of bloopers and 3 guys kidding each other.  Here is a Sample

Want more go to

Hope you enjoy it we have fun doing it.

Today’s stupid news comes from Clearfield, Russia, New York City, and Las Vegas.  Listen here

We also had a Christmas eve Celebration???????  Good Morning Vietnam

Laff lines. Brain Regan on who controls the remote



It has been a strange wonderful week.  I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat a bad couch and fever.  Yep I was sick as a dog, a sick dog at that.

I worried all week about losing my voice, but I made it thanks to gallons of Diet Mt. Dew cough drops and resting my voice as much as I could.  I didn’t even sing in the shower!  My wife was happy about that.

So now the weekend is here and I am starting to feel better.  I shouldn’t say that too loud, Karma you know.

Here is something I found interesting this morning it is all about how we travel.

According to a new survey, a HUGE number of Americans have barely traveled anywhere.  Check it out . . .

  1. 40% have never left the country. I have been to Mexico and Canada but I would prefer to stay in the good ole USA.  But I did enjoy both countries.
  2. 54% have visited less than 10 states.  Me I counted this morning I have been to 27 of the 50.
  3. 13% have never been in an airplane.  Been there done that but haven’t in years.   Seats getting smaller and Dave’s is getting bigger
  4. And 11% have NEVER left their home state.  My grandmother had never left the state of Tennessee until she and my mother went to visit my sister in Hawaii.

The survey also found that 76% of people wish they could travel more I would like that . . . but 10% are perfectly fine never going anywhere.

Now if you love to travel aboard that is fantastic, but there are so many places in the United States that I would love to see.   I do think a dream vacation for my wife and I would to hop in the ole family trickster and go to a baseball game in every major league ball park even Wrigley Field the home of the Cubs.   But alas it will never happen it would just be too difficult for me to swallow my pride and got to Wrigley.  That is just a bad attempt at humor I would love to go to Wrigley.

On Friday’s morning show Smart phone technology is just getting weird

Stupid news has a possible carjacking, and 2 stories about birds without one reference to Alfred Hitchcock:  listen here

Laff lines is about a stressed out 8 year old

Have a great weekend and Happy Rusev day!    If you don’t know about Rusev day I will explain on Monday.



Today’s blog idea came from a conversation that I had with Benji on Wednesday afternoon. We were talking about our favorite movies and since there is an age gap he had never seen several of the movies I mentioned.  Benji said why don’t you blog some of those movies and I will have a list.    So I did and here is the list of movies Dave has for Benji to watch.

Animal house, Uncle Buck, Blazing Saddles, The Jerk,  This is Spinal Tap, Big, Splash,  Police Academy, Good Morning Vietnam, It’s a Mad Mad Mad World, Duck Soup, The Princess Bride, Ed Wood, Forest Gump, Young Frankenstein, The Blues Brothers,  ground Hog day, Planes Trains and Automobiles Vacation and Vegas Vacation, FM, Revenge of the Nerds,  16 candles, Meatballs, bad News Bears, Goonies, Tommy Boy, The Breakfast Club, Naked Gun,  Ferris Buller’s day off. and Airplane.

Here are some favorite movie quotes Listen here

Some list huh?    When you do a list like this you always think “I should have put that movie in the mix” So if you recommend a movie to Benji make sure to comment in the meantime

Today we talked NFL

Stupid News had 4 stupid stories about Ice, a Stupid Cop, and A stupid couple and hunting in Idaho; listen here

Laff lines:  Jim Dunn on winter




Today is one of those day’s that everyone who works in radio dreads.   I have a sore throat and I don’t feel well.   Luckily I haven’t lost my voice and hopefully won’t.

I did happen to me several times but the worst was not in the dead of winter but in the summer.   It was close to the Cache Valley Cruise in the year 38 special was in concert.   I lost my voice!   I stayed on the air croaking away and had my friend and at the time Cruise in President Dave Harrison come to the station for an interview.  It was about 8:40 in the morning during the interview right in the middle of a question nothing came out of my mouth!  I remember Dave’s look of concern as he basically finished my question and then answered it himself.

I really wanted to see 38 Special but my Doctor said no.  However I lived very close to the fairgrounds and sat outside with my wife and some friends had a picnic while listening to the band.

So if you hear me and it doesn’t sound like me better call Dave Harrison.

When you are sick, or in a bad mood you crave COMFORT FOODS!

For me any food is a comfort food but when I don’t feel well my food of choice is hamburger meat not on a bun but lack of a better term scrambled hamburger.   Break up the meat in a sauce pan with some onion and spices cook that up put in in a bowl and mayo and AHH COMFORT!

The Huffington post listed the Top 10 comfort foods

10 Chocolate Pudding.  9. Cheeseburger.   8. Tomato Soup.  7. Baked Zito (I don’t even know what that is but a quick google say’s it is an Italian Mac and Cheese) 6.  Dumplings.  5.  Pizza.  4.  Taco’s.  3.  Mac and Cheese the non-Italian kind 2.  Mashed potatoes and #1 is a grilled cheese sandwich!

I was shocked that Ice Cream didn’t crack the top 10.  But fear not readers as Mr. Burns on the Simpson’s said I have a top 10 list of “So called Iced Cream”

Ben & Jerry’s just released their 10 best-selling flavors from last year, and clearly, no one looked at their “lighter” options.  Here’s the list . . .

  1. Half Baked . . . which is a combo of their Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice creams.
  2. Cherry Garcia.
  3. The Tonight Dough . . . which is caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls and chunks of cookie dough.
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
  5. Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
  6. Americone Dream . . . which is vanilla with pieces of waffle cone covered in fudge and a caramel swirl.
  7. Phish Food . . . which is chocolate with marshmallow, caramel, and fudge fish.
  8. Chunky Monkey . . . which is banana with fudge chunks and walnuts.
  9. Strawberry Cheesecake.
  10. Salted Caramel Core . . . which is sweet cream ice cream with pieces of blondies and a core in the center made of salted caramel.

On today’s show we talked about words that we should not use as much as we do.  Listen here

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Laff lines is Kathleen Madigan on scary movies






I have a love hate relationship with winter.   Yes you can both love and hate winter.  Growing up in Memphis we would get snow about once or twice a year.  Sometimes a lot of snow.  I remember a few times we had over a foot of snow.   Of course when it did snow I was around the radio waiting for that announcement about a snow day.  Something I have only done on the air once or twice since I have lived in Logan.

When I was in Missouri on the radio there was a day when it snowed just a little and I knew the kids were gathered around waiting for me to make that announcement all kids want to hear ‘SNOW DAY” But on this day it was school as usual and I was really on the kids to get ready for school and talking about how parents were celebrating.   Later that day a friend called and told me about her little girl who was listening to me to here if school would be held.  The mom said as I was kidding the kids about going to school this sweet little girl looked at the radio and said ‘SHUT UP DAVE’

Why I love winter:  Nothing like seeing a fresh snow fall before anyone has walked on it or plowed.  It is an awe inspiring site.  I kind of like it cold.   My wife thinks I am pretty strange when we are walking on a cold winter morning and I breath in the cold air and say “ I Love this air it makes my nose hairs freeze”  weird right.  But I do love the sensation of the cold air in my sinuses.    I like wearing a jacket to stay warm.  I like a foggy cold morning when the fog blankets the fences and tree in a white powder.

Why I hate winter:  I hate driving on slick roads.  Black Ice is not fun.  .  When it is cold and you wear a jacket and leave it at work because it warmed up during the day.  I hate the taste of Chap Stick!  The sun goes down at 5pm and because of that it seems really late to me when it is only 6:30pm.  Filthy snow, you know the kind of snow that gets all black and dirty on the area’s where it was plowed.  Winter colds and flu, make you feel awful.   I have a pretty bad cold right now and I fear I will lose my voice.  Not a good thing for a radio guy.   But the thing I hate about winter the most is INVERSION.   I know I am preaching to the choir but Inversions are depressing and breathing is usually a good thing but not in an Inversion.

And winter can affect our jobs:  Listen here


And that’s why I have a love hate relationship with winter

Today on the morning show we talked politics and Oprah  Listen here

Stupid news:  Bed bugs, applying for a job and a car fire in Orem

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I grew up in Memphis Tennessee, and no I did not know or ever see Elvis Presley but his influence did help shape my life.

I joke that if you wanted to pass 2nd grade in Memphis you had to do two things.  !.  Play “Wipe Out” on your desk using a yellow number 2 pencil.  2.  Do an Elvis impression.

The Elvis influence was everywhere. The City of Memphis even changed the name of Highway 61 which runs in front of Graceland to Elvis Presley Blvd.

There are lots of stories about the King from Memphis.  I knew 2 men who went to school with Elvis.  My Mother had a co- worker who was on a car lot looking at a certain Cadillac when Elvis offered to buy her any other car on the lot if she would let him purchase the car she was looking at.

One Christmas time several years ago I was home near the Holiday’s and my sister who is very artistic asked if I would take her in my van to drop off a Christmas Lawn Ornament to a Dr. She worked for.  The Dr invited us into his home and I told him how the young lady I was with and I had been to Graceland that day.  He got up and said he wanted to show us something and that something was his wedding album with the reception line and right next to him was Elvis! They had been friends for years and his wedding gift to the couple was a 2 week all-expense paid trip to Vegas to see him perform.

My best memory of Elvis involved my 1st job.   I would have to ride a bus to get to work and part of the bus ride took me to main street Memphis where I would transfer to another bus.  I soon figured out that I could walk to another bus stop which was directly across from Sun Records.  I would stand there and just think of all the talent that had recorded there.   Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Jonny Cash.

One sad note about Elvis happened after his death.  My sister and I along with some friends went to go see the Pro soccer team “The Memphis Rouges”. Sitting a few rows in front of us was Dr Nick, (I can’t even try to spell his name) Dr Nick as he was known was implicated with over prescribing meds to Elvis which led to his death.    Some people near us started to yell at Dr Nick saying he killed Elvis and then started throwing things at him.   He got up and left the game.

I was a fan of Elvis but not the biggest fan that honor goes to my cousin Brenda!  But I do have a favorite song by the King and that is “AN AMERICAN TRILLOGY”

Happy Birthday to the King of Rock and Roll


On today’s show we remembered Jerry Van Dyke along with   words of wisdom from Bettye White and did you know BOOTY is a funny word!

Stupid news includes 3 crooks who are kind of stupid

Laff Lines Binge watching Netflix


I am not a slave to fashion and I prove it with this picture of what I wore to the station this morning.

Camo pants, a t-shirt from Sturgis and a vest!  I am just like The Nature Boy Ric Flair Styling and profiling

The idea for this blog came from something I read this morning. The Scrunchie is back.  Listen here;

Styles have come and gone and I might have tried them on and wore them at one time or another.  But I am no slave to fashion.

As a teenager my favorite outfit to wear was blue and white striped overall’s with a with T-shirt and a Blue and white cap.   I thought I was so cool!

When I left Memphis to go to Ricks College my mother made me wear a leisure suit on the plane.  Being the good son I was (you believe me don’t you) I put on that horrid contraption.  At the airport I waved to my mom as I got on the plane and then took that jacket off and NEVER WORE IT AGAIN!

That is not me but I did look just that goo!

I got to admit the disco craze did affect what I wore.  I wanted to impress the ladies with Polyester!   I even wore the stacked sole shoes that were so popular which made me about 6 ft. 3.  I went on a date with a young lady in the middle of winter wearing those shoes in Rexburg Idaho no less.  Not one the smartest thing I ever did.  As I walked back to my dorm after the date I was very careful as I walked, but just as I got to the dorm someone yelled “HI”.  I lifted my arm to wave and KABLAMO!   I fell on the sidewalk and let’s just say I didn’t say “Shucky Darn”

Before you think I am always a slob, I do own a suit some dress shirts and several ties.  The ties aren’t the usual plain ties.  I like the unusual funny ties or a tie with a theme.   I have ties that mean something to me with themes like the Little Rascals, Peanuts, The Simpson’s, The Utah Jazz, The St Louis Cardinals, Utah State and of course I have a Superman and Batman tie.   Yeah I even have conservative ties.    I think.

So when you are listening to the morning show picture me in the latest fashions, clean shaven, and perfect hair.  Then be thankful I am not on TV.

Today we also talked about being bored at work

Stupid news was about government stupidity, an update on a missing star and a break in at the Provo Police department

Laff lines: Jim Gafagan on his robe: