Sometimes people worry about the strangest things like which way the toilet paper hangs.

Now comes this.   What is the best way to trim your Christmas tree from the top down or the bottom up?   Some people get all up in arms about this.   Even those who work in retail selling ornaments and light read this I found on line this morning on the Huffington Post

Just like the classic toilet paper dispute (over or under?), there’s really no right or wrong answer, but we had no idea the question was so controversial. In fact, it’s something not even Home Depot’s director of trend and design Sarah Fishburne and seasonal merchant Kelie Charles can agree on.

“I string my lights from top to bottom because your plug is at the end of the strand and closer to the bottom of the tree and outlet,” says Fishburne. Plus, she says, if you run out of lights, it’s easier to spread them out and even add more lights to the bottom versus the top.

But Charles swears by bottom-to-top because she can plug the lights in first. “It makes it easier to see what the lit tree will look like as I’m stringing the lights,” she says. If you have extras, wind them back down. If you run out, start a new string and run an extension cord down the back.

Now I have the solution to this controversy    LET YOUR WIFE DO IT.  Now that sounds kind of sexist I know but my wife loves to trim the tree and I would rather watch her sipping eggnog.   But I must say my wife came up with a great idea for our tree this year.  A SUPER HERO TREE.  Our tree is full of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Deadpool and other comic book hero’s.  I love it but then I am a comic book geek.   Here are a few pictures of our tree.

Today on the morning show we warmed the cockles of our hearts

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I agree with Brian, Tennis might be fun but who can keep up with the scoring it involves too much thinking and that is not something I am known for.


During the holiday season one of the things a lot of us like to do is spend time with family.  Most of my family is spread all over the country.   Of course there’s my wife Teresa, my Mother in Law and Teresa’s Brother and Sister who live here in Utah but my sisters live all over the country.

I am the youngest in my family with four sisters, but life has taken us all over.   One in California, one in New York State, and two in Tennessee, but in different cities.   We are spread out and that makes it hard to get together.    So this weekend my sister Sandra was visiting with a friend near Salt Lake City we decided to get together for lunch in Layton on BLACK FRIDAY.   But the restaurant was not crowed at all so we ate and swapped memories with my wife my nephew Steven, from Eagle Mountain and niece Valarie from Billings Montana.  It was fun to see them again but also made me a little sad because we are so far apart and don’t get to see each other.

So during this Thanksgiving time I am grateful for Facebook.  Despite all the junk on FB all the political garbage I choose to use FB to keep in touch with family and friends, I make it a post fun items and things about my life that I think they would like to see.   Of course I post sad news because life is not all fun and friends and family can keep up with you and know you are OK or are having a rough time.   This is the beauty of FB!  As far as all the negative post, I am sorry to my friends and family who post political things I respect your options but 9 times out of 10 I just skip it.

So I thought I would share with you my KOOL family a couple of pictures.  You will see me (The Big Guy) with my Sister Sandra and my wife Teresa.

Also here is a family photo with my niece Valarie my sister Sandra and Nephew Stephen.

Family, they cause us great joy and sometimes great sorrow but that is what family is!

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I wanted to add my wish of a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this weekend.    I also wanted to let you know how grateful I am to be able to do the things I do on and off the radio.   I know I complain about the early mornings and sometimes long days, but I can honestly say “I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING I WOULD RATHER DO!”   So I thank you for listening and thank all my co-workers here at the Cache valley Media group.

As I was thinking about today’s blog, my mind went back to my 1st Thanksgiving in Utah.  It was Thanksgiving 1975.

I was a young punk of 18 and attending Ricks College in Rexburg.  I was a long way from home and had planned on staying in my dorm room for Thanksgiving.  That was until my friend Kevin invited me to come to his home in East Carbon Utah.  I thought cool, I hadn’t been many places in the west and this would be awesome.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we had planned on leaving about 3pm but a nasty winter storm hit and Kevin said let’s go now!  So a bunch of us piled into his car for the trip.  My girlfriend at the time was with us, so I had someone to keep me warm, but that’s another story and my wife is probably reading this and I want to be warm this Thanksgiving so I will stop that part of the story now.

The storm was nasty and we spun out and almost wrecked outside of Rigby, but we pushed on.   A trip that should have taken 7 hours turned into a 13 hour ordeal that this boy from Memphis had never had to endure.

We pulled into East carbon about 3am and tried to sleep.  The Thanksgiving meal was wonderful and getting to know Kevin’s Mom and little sister was great.   But things got kind of strange after that.

There was about a foot of snow on the ground and Kevin and some of his high school buddies decided to go out and cut cookies in the snow and ice.  They also decided it would be fun to tie a rope on the car and pull a sled with people on it.   Dangerous Yep but we were stupid kids.   Things were going fine until Kevin lost control on a corner and ran into a fence, very little damage but the guy on the sled ran head 1st into the car.  Once again very little damage.  They grow em tuff in Carbon county.

The fun (?) continued the next day when it was decided to go hunt Jack rabbits at an abandoned airfield.  Ok, this city boy had never been hunting but hey it sounded like fun.   It was a beautiful sunny winter day with about a foot of fresh snow and I was wearing tennis shoes.  Kevin and his friends had 22’s and an extra for me.  A single shot 22, yep a single shot 22.   So off I go tracking the footprints on the bunny in the snow in my tennis shoes and I see him about 30 yards in front of me I lifted my single shot 22 aimed fired and missed by a mile.   Oh well I got to shoot.

That was my only shot of the day. Why?  As I stood in a foot of fresh snow in my tennis shoes freezing certain body parts I heard the sound of a rifle shot BANG!  Then a sound I will never forget the whooshing sound of the bullet missing me but scaring me enough I thought a change of underwear was in order.    I shouted at the top of my lungs several words and most of them were of the 4 letter variety.   I hiked back to the card still shouting several words in combinations that would make a sailor proud.    I got to the car and waited about 2 hours for the guys to finish and showing off the jack rabbits they had shot.

That was my one and only experience hunting any animals!

The rest of the weekend was incredible with fun food and making new friends.  But I will tell you this my 1st Thanksgiving in Utah was one I will never forget.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is a video I wanted to share of the late David Cassidy

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See ya Monday





Thanksgiving weekend is almost here, friends and family gather to eat and give thanks for the blessings in their lives.   But after the Turkey, and several slices of pie, the football games are boring and you can’t stand the thoughts of watch a rerun of the Macey’s Thanksgiving parade.  What can you do as a family except fight over politics?

How about a Thanks giving moving?

I went to a website called and they had this list.  I admit I haven’t seen some of these so I can’t recommend each one but here are some ideas for you

  1. Alice’s Restaurant – 1969.  I love the song but have never seen the movie.  I doubt this is one the kids would like

9… Dutch

Staring Ed O’Neill (Modern family) a story about a construction worker attempting to get his girlfriend’s son home for Thanksgiving

  1. Pieces of April from 2003 it stars Katie Holmes and is a comedy drama. Never seen the film but I love the song by 3 Dog Night
  2. The New World a thanksgiving story about the Pilgrims staring Colin Farrell

6 Pocahontas.  1995 it is a Disney Princess Movie and I bet the little girls in your family have watched over and over and over and over. …. Well you get what I am trying to say

5 Home for the holiday’s   a great cast Robert Downey Jr, Dylan McDermott and Anne Bancroft a romantic comedy set at Thanksgiving

4 Son in Law.  I think the only funny movie Pauley Shore ever did.  Set at Thanksgiving as a farmer’s daughter takes her strange friends to the farm and this fish out of water film has several belly laughs.   “INBREEDERS” still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  1. The Blind Side. What can I say it is a Sandra Bullock movie!  Based on the true story of Football star Michael Oher and his new family, this is truly a great film with Oscar winning performances.  And did I mention it has Sandra Bullock

2 Planes trains and Automobiles.   This 1987 cross country buddy film stars Steve Martin and the late John Candy.  Two men trying to get home for Thanksgiving, at least Steve is.   ‘THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS” if you have seen the movie you probably laughed right then, if you haven’t see it and you will.

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas.    What can you say about this sweet heart warming show but it is a classic and it’s Peanuts!  And I love Peanuts.

I hope this gives you a few ideas for some entertainment thanksgiving weekend.

Now I need a Turkey Sandwich some more pie and my big screen TV oh yeah 2 fluffy pillows (THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS)


Stupid news, a traffic stop, The Waffle House and a Big bang  Listen here:


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Laff lines is Dennis Regan



On my morning show on KOOL I will have something I call “DAVE’S MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE” why because I think we as humans have different tastes and different outlooks on life itself.  This does not apply to the difference between right and wrong but does apply to why we disagree on things.   I had a friend who said it best when he said. “If we all had the same taste, this would be a boring world”

So with that in mind I will tell you ‘ I DON’T LIKE MOVIE AND T.V. CRITICS”  Example : This weekend the Justice League movie came out and the critics didn’t give it favorable revues and the box office was disappointing – The most popular movie of the weekend was not good enough for the critics.

I am not saying these things because I am a DC comic fan, I think the Marvel movies are better entertainment than most DC movies.  Nut I say this because of movie’s I have seen that the critics raved over and went to see and walked out of the theater saying “that’s 2 hours of my life I will never get back”

Movies the critics like that I didn’t “The Godfather” I fell asleep during that film.”  “Apocalypse Now” I thought Mad magazines Parody “A Crock of &^%$ Now” was as better title.   This might shock some but I did not like “Field of Dreams” I kept hoping Kevin Costner would step in a pile of cow …… stuff   and one more “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”   the only redeeming value in that movie to me was I didn’t pay to see it.

I am sure some of you loved one or all of those movies I mentioned.  My wife and I disagree on Field of Dreams.  But I think that proves my point.   We all have different tastes and perspectives on things.   Even Food, I don’t eat Pizza or Cheeseburgers because I don’t enjoy cheese.   But that is OK if you do us all have a different perspective.

So if you want to see a movie and a critic doesn’t like go ahead and go and make up your own mind.

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With Thanksgiving less than a week away I thought I would switch gears and become Food Network guy.  No I really wanted to share with you a recipe my wife and mother in law found from Paula Dean.  It is a combination of Pumpkin and Pecan Pie and it is incredible. If you try it out let me know what you think, or better yet bring me a slice!

Pecan-Pumpkin Pie!

3 eggs

1 cup dark corn syrup

1/2 cup sugar

4 tablespoons butter, melted

1 cup canned pumpkin

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup pecans, chopped

1 9-inch deep pie shell

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. With a hand blender, beat eggs well. Beat in corn syrup, sugar, butter, pumpkin and vanilla until well beaten. Arrange pecans in single layer in bottom of pie shell. Slowly pour egg mixture over pecans. Bake 1 hour or until knife inserted 1 inch from edge comes out clean.

Oh man is this a great pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more thing as you know I am a Superhero fanatic.  And today is the premier date for “Justice League”.  Now I will admit the Marvel movies are more entertaining.  But I am a DC guy.  I have 3 complete comic book series JA, Justice League of America and Justice Leauge New 52 and I also collect Super Hero toys.

I am a geek that way.

Here is a fake commercial for a different kind of Justice League and how much money we spend each Christmas. Listen here

Here is stupid news with news of a chip filled Thanksgiving, women and Bathrooms, and a missing car is found.  Listen here

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Do you take the time to just look at how beautiful Northern Utah is?  I was recently talking to a friend who is getting ready to move from Cache Valley and how he was going to miss it here.  Now grant you this guy is buying a boat and will be living on the boat island hoping in the Caribbean.  But we both talked about the things he will miss.   He said he loves the Sunrise when the sun just peaks over the Mountains to the east and lights up the Wellsville Mountains.

That made me think of some of my favorite sights here.  The overlook at Bear lake, the view over the Hyrum Reservoir, , Sardine Canyon,  Logan Canyon ,  the drive through Honeyville, and going up on the USU campus and looking over the Valley and seeing the sewer ponds!  Well if you don’t focus on the sewer pond it is nice.  There are just too many to mention here.  I just wanted to remind you as my wife reminded me a few weeks ago to JUST LOOK!

During the morning show today we had a great story on the cost of a Thanksgiving meal and after that a kind of sad story from “Wheel of Fortune”

Listen here:

That reminded me of a vacation my cousin and I went on years ago to L.A.   We did the tourist things like going to Hollywood , The walk of fame with all the stars, believe or not I got most excited to see the Star for Hal Roach (Little Rascals) and the Three Stooges. I thought that was KOOL. We even took in a taping of the Tonight show with Johnny Carson …. And his guest host Joan Rivers, DRATS

One other thing we did was go to a taping of “Wheel of Fortune”.  We got to watch a couple of days of tapings.   But here is the real story, several months later I was at my Aunts house in Paris TN for Thanksgiving and they had a VCR of the shows my cousin and I were at.  Pretty KOOL huh.  As family members gathered around the TV to watch everyone was guessing the answer before I did.  I was there, and they were beating me,   DRATS AGAIN!  I was never good at that game anyway.

Stupid News today was about stuffing a Turkey, Why can’t things like this happen to me and speeding tickets.   You can listen here:

Laff lines: Nathan Macintosh on Cell phones.  Listen here




Growing up I Memphis Tennessee I was influenced by lots of different types of music.  Of course Rock and Roll Doo Whop, R and B, Disco and Country music too.

I was the only boy and the youngest in my family.  My four sisters were typical teens loving the pop hits of the 60’s from the Beatles to Elvis.  One of my favorite stories of music in that era doesn’t involve me at all, but my sister Sandra.  She was so in love with Peter Noon of Herman’s Hermits and even got to go see them in Memphis and I was told she was the 1st one to scream for the band.  One more thing about Herman’s Hermits.  Being a little brother I had to torment my sister.   Every time I would here “There’s a kind of Hush” I would sing my own lyrics. “There’s a kind of FLUSH all over the world tonight” complete with my own sound effects, and you can imagine what kind of sound it was.

All of my sisters could sing and we would sing along with the radio all the time.  I would jump in and sing with them my favorites were the songs of Motown.   But one song they would talk me into to sing with them came from the soundtrack ‘The Sound of Music”   you know “Doe and Deer a female deer” since I was the youngest I had to sing the part “the sun has gone to bed and so must I” I hated doing that, but now looking back it was a hoot.

As I aged my musical taste was not just one form of music.   I would listen to Rock and roll, Soul, Country Rock, and even County.   Today   I love to listen to Dean Martin,  Nat King Cole, The Beatles, The Temptations, Bachman Turner Overdrive, ZZ Top, Lenny Kravitz and even Bruno Mars and Pitbull.   I just love music.

I think everyone has that one music act that hardly anyone knows that is music you love.  For me it is the band “CROW” they had a few minor hits in the late 60’s but for some reason I love listening to CROW.  I think I own all there albums and a best of CD.    I bought “The Best of Crow” on my Birthday several years ago in St. Louis.   Donna a friend of mine and I were out celebrating my birthday and we stopped at a used music store we loved to shop at and as I pulled into the parking lot I started freaking out because printed in dot matrix was a sign that said “THE BEST OF CROW” now on CD.  I was so excited and I bought my own present that day!

So here is a video of Crow, “Evil Woman” a song that my young nephew Kelly loved to listen to as a toddler and he called it his “ME EE FRECORD” I am sure if he reads this I am in big trouble.   I think it is a great song and still love to hear it I hope you will like it too.   Well maybe, my wife is kind of iffy on it.


Here is today’s Stupid News:  Manners, Grilled Cheese, and Disneyland.  Listen here.

The movie “Justice League” comes out Friday and it mad the news this morning.    Listen Here

Laff Lines; A Birthday party for a 1 year old.Listen here


My mind feels like it is in a blender!  After no sleep on Sunday night I feel kind of weird today.   I am here to tell you that it is the next day you feel the lack of sleep. AND THAT DAY IS TODAY!

I have been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving the past few days.  Lots of memories of family and football on that day.  Oh yeah the food!

Sometimes at a Thanksgiving feast you get the unexpected.   A few years back my wife and I were at her parents’ house for Thanksgiving.  Now my Mother in Law is an excellent cook but at this Turkey day dinner there was one thing wrong.  The Turkey would not cook.  The meat was raw in side and now amount of time back in the oven could get this bird to cook…  What to do, what to do.

That was the year of mashed potatoes, dressing, Jello salad (this is Utah you know) and for the main dish.  HOT DOGS!

Yes, my mother in law have cooked Hot Dogs for Thanksgiving Day.  Like I said my Mother in law is an excellent cook and those dogs were good!   No kidding they were awesome.

Now every year at Thanksgiving I woof down the Turkey, the stuffing and desert.  But every year on Thanksgiving I also crave Ho Dogs!

So because I have yawned my way through the morning here are a few random things for you.

According to a new survey by Boston Market, Americans will go to an average of 1.7 Thanksgiving dinners or meals this year.  In other words, most people will go to more than one.

Here are a few more results from the survey . . .

  1. The average Thanksgiving dinner will have nine or 10 people.
  2.  About a quarter of people will go to a “friendsgiving” dinner.
  3. 5% will eat at a restaurant for at least one of their Thanksgiving dinners.
  4. And 30% are stressed about how complicated it is to juggle all of the different places they have to be on Thanksgiving.

As long as there is pie I will be thankful

Here are a couple of things form the morning show today.  The people at Stove top Stuffing are marketing to those of us who pack away a little too much. On Turkey day.  With Stretchy Pants.   They made a Funny commercial for and I thought you might want to check it our> LISTEN HERE

Stupid news: Love is in the Air.  LISTEN HERE

Laff lines Jim Gaffagan on being a morning person

And Finally

According to, just two years ago, pay phones across the country made a total of $286 MILLION.




SLEEP IS OVER-RATEED!   Huh, did I actually say that?  Yes, and here is why I said it.   Last night I went to bed about 9:15pm, the 4:30 am alarm comes early in the morning, so I try to get the rest I need to do what I do.   Last night was a different story.

I tried just being still and counting backwards from 100, a trick I learned having surgery. (Maybe I needed some of that gas and drugs to really make that work).  I did some reading, Batman of course, oh and Green Lantern too.   I got up walked around a little.  I ate a snack.  I played Spider Solitaire and watched some you – tube videos.  Still no sleep.

About 3am I said well just get ready and go the station and play radio.  I get here at 4 am and no one is here—YES!  I am alone and can finally get some sleep….BUT NOOOOO.   The other stations started showing up and I didn’t want the boss to see me snoozing on the job.

Here it is almost 10 and the station is buzzing, people in the halls, the other studios are doing there on radio show. Of course mine is better right???????    You didn’t answer right away as Lucy Van Pelt says” I know when I have been insulted”


Really, here it is at the end of my morning and I am really getting tired but I have a lot more to do.   After that it’s NAP TIME!


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