Vacation or Staycation?

Well this year I don’t have much choice.


It’s 20-20 nuff said.

I don’t mind a Staycation at all!  You can have cookouts, projects, day trips to local parks and landmarks or even historic site or binge watch days.  The most important thing I think is taking some time off and destressing. That and special food

Here are some other staycation hints


  1. Separate yourself from work.  Way too many of us still check in at work when we’re on vacation.  But it’s especially important to take a mental break and recharge this year.  So, set up your out-of-office email, and try to truly unplug from work.


  1. Knock out any household chores ahead of time.  Like laundry or cleaning up, so they won’t interfere with relaxation time.  If you want to use your time to tackle a few projects, that’s fine.  Just make sure you have time to unwind too.


  1. Plan something special you’ll look forward to.  Like camping out in the backyard, or a do-it-yourself spa day.  Whatever it is, just plan something you can get excited about.


  1. Take pictures.  You should treat a staycation the same way you’d treat a normal vacation.  Take pictures and post stuff on social media.  One day, you might look back on this weird moment in history and wish you had more photos to document it.


Today on the morning show a bad week for the former Governor and a 5 year gets old hole in one

Stupid news


When I woke up this morning, I was not a happy camper.  To be honest I was depressed.

Yesterday was not a good day.  As I was doing my show, I became very ill!  A stomach issue that meant staying is a certain room and sitting on a certain seat.  I was sick!  No fever, no chills, just sick.   I think stress and pain got to me.

So, when I get up this morning and the internet is down, and because I am working from home, I depend on the internet to do my radio show.

I got so down and depressed that I almost went to bed.  I wanted to go on the radio and scream and rant about every issue and stupid things in the news!!!!!!!n Then it hit me.  My depression was involved in so many things I could not control.  So, I decided to control my mood and be me.

Honestly it helped, preparing for things to help us get through the day, serious and not so serious.  That is what is helping me.

I admit that I am still a little depressed.  I am sure you are to, we have plenty to be depressed about.

Where is this heading?  I want to thank you!  When you hear me every morning you are listening to a man who is flawed a man who is moody, but also a man who cares about Cache Valley and cares about you.  Because of that my early depression isn’t so bad.


Smart is not all that Smart!!!

Stupid news



The past few months have been hard on each of us. Co-vid 19 and all the restrictions and uncertainty there.  Now social unrest is having all of us look inward for answers.

And for me all the stress of having reconstructive wrist surgery on Monday and the pain of healing.  So how do get through these times   ONE DAY AT A TIME.

That is the only way for me.  I try to find something each day to help me.  Because I am depressed, and I tend to worry.  So, I have decided for me it’s one day at a time


Here is the under statement of the year.

2020 has been hard on us all!

So to get through all the  ———  we need time to focus on some little things.



A survey on life’s “little wins” found the average person has something unexpected and good happen to them three times a week.  And the boost in happiness we get lasts 1 hour and 14 minutes.  Here are the Top 10 “little wins” we love most . . .

Finding money in the pocket of an old coat.

Waking up to nice weather.

Getting an unexpected gift in the mail.

Getting into a bed with fresh sheets.

Traffic lights turning green as you’re approaching.

Watching the sun set.

Crossing off the last thing on a to-do list.

Completing a do-it-yourself project on your own.

A winning lottery ticket, even if it’s only a few bucks.

Receiving a compliment from a complete stranger.

“Getting an extra hour in bed” just missed the Top 10 at #11.  And #12 is “when your favorite song comes on the radio.”






Like most of you I can say that going into 20-20 I had high hopes that the New Year with high hopes.  Then 19 happened.


Now 20-20 pretty much sucks.

I’m not complaining.  Maybe just a little.  OK I am complaining a lot.

We first started to hear the rumblings about Covid 19 in December and as it spread across the globe the panic began.

People were hoarding toilet paper, I still don’t know why, but the marketplace is not built for panic buying and because of panic we had shortages.   I am so thankful for Newspapers still printing!

Then came the self-isolation, the working from home and the daily updates and the debates on social media if we went to far or didn’t do enough.  I honestly see both sides of that issue because of the economic damage it has caused.  However how do you put a price on life?   You can’t!

Now as we slowly start recovery, I ask this question and it’s a question that I believe has no answer.

How do gage success or failure?

You might have measure’s in your mind that are completely different than mine or anybody else.


Added note

I will be gone a couple of day’s next week.  Think back to the fall of 2019.  I had 3 surgery’s in just a over two months’ time.  Two of the surgeries were on my left wrist. The fist one placed screws and hardware the second was to remove the hardware.  The third surgery was neck fusion surgery.

My problem is my wrist.  The Dr said the screws did not stay and the joint in my wrist was moving out of place.  So back to the hospital Monday (I hope more later) and the need to be off the air for a couple of days.

Now more on the I hope.  This is elective surgery and with the amount of Covid 19 cases rising in Cache Valley I hope the powers that be don’t shut us down this weekend.

Like I said 20 20 sucks




Today is National Hamburger day, a day I fully endorse and fully plan on continuing to endorse

Burgerweb.com says in the USU we eat 50 billion burgers a year.

Break it down to 4,500 burgers every minute, 270,000 every hour.


More Burger facts

– The Hamburger Business is 73-Billion-dollar business

– There are over 50,000 burger joints located across the country.

– Approximately 7.5% of all US restaurants are burger joints.

– California has the highest number of burger joints. Second is Texas. Third is Florida. Forth is Ohio. 5th is Illinois.

– 71 Percent of all Beef Consumed in Restaurants is in the Form of a Burger.

– McDonald’s Buys over 1 Billion Pounds of Hamburger Meat per Year.

– Burgers Account for Roughly 60 Percent of all Sandwiches Sold

Boy do I love hamburgers!  So much so that on my Honeymoon night our first meal as husband and wife DOUBLE WHOPPERS!   No onions, I mean it was our honeymoon night!

I also must state that I do not want a Cheeseburger.  I want a Hamburger.  Just a personal preference I just prefer to taste of meat, toppings, and bun in a perfect blend of burger goodness

I could go for a good burger right now with onions!  We have been married for almost 25 years after all.






was not surprised at all to find out the Pandemic is causing us stress.  Come on just the thought of maybe using the newspaper instead of squeezing your Charmin would cause the old BP to rise.

Then add the self-isolation the social distancing working from home and how dang hard it is to breath in those masks.  

I am stressed out!Here are 5 ways to tell if you are stressed  

  1.  You’re tired, even when you haven’t done much.  Stress alone is exhausting, even when you’re not physically active.  And chronic fatigue can be a sign you’re depressed.


  1. You startle really easily.  It might be a sign you’re feeling tense.  We’re more likely to be jumpy when we’re on edge.


  1. You’re TOO productive or zoned in on a hobby.  Excessive enthusiasm and extreme productivity are coping mechanisms for some people.  Having zero interest in stuff can also be a sign of stress though.


  1. More headaches.  Possibly because you’re overly tense and anxious.  Things like dizziness, ulcers, insomnia, and stomach problems can also be linked to anxiety.


  1. You’re more forgetful.  When your brain is overloaded with stress, it’s harder to manage simple tasks and checklists that would normally be routine.

According to the American Psychological Association, employee stress is costing businesses $300 billion per year.

Taking my own advice and relax and just deal with it don’t put extras pressure on yourself.  I say this after a restless night where all I could think about was working from home and getting ready for another wrist surgery, my third in less than a year.  Other than that, why am I stressed


As you know I have a love hate relationship with Social Media and this weekend was a perfect example.

Before I start my rant, I should say I fully support the right to freedom of speech and opinion. But I get tired of those who think that their opinion is the only one that matters. Add that to keyboard courage and you might see what I am talking about.

The big debate on social media this weekend was mask and the value of wearing them in public.   I will not take the time to tell you my opinion on the mater, but I will tell you this the comments from some on both sides continue to make me shake my head.

The ones who debated the pro’s and cons were informative but there is always someone who feels a personal attacks are the ones that just make me want to say goodbye to social media.

Then this happens on Monday.

I see people posting on Memorial Day about relatives who had died in the service of our country including my own Uncle Edward Denton.

I never got to know my Uncle; he lost his life in France 10 days after the D-Day invasion.  A few years ago, a cousin had posted some information about my Uncle and his service which I had reposted on my account this year.

Another cousin posted some memories and information that I had never heard.  That my family was told that Uncle Ed had been part of the Normandy invasion.  My heart both soared and sank at the news.  I am so proud of my Uncle I never knew.

Then my cousin posted a picture of my Mother and Father that I had never seen.   So today I share that with you

For someone who had no memories of his father (he died when I was four) this picture really hit home.  For some of you who have similar backgrounds know what I mean.


To para-phase a quote as far as social media is concerned this weekend was



This weekend is the unofficial start of summer.

Memorial Day has morphed into a weekend of fun cookouts and sales.

I am ok with all that.  But we also need to remember What Memorial Day is truly all about.

When I read this, I bowed my head and became a little sad.

A new survey found 57% of Americans don’t know that Memorial Day is when we honor FALLEN members of the Armed Forces who died in service.

That hit home to me because my Uncle Edward Denton gave his life during World War II.   I never got to meet him because he died in France just a couple of weeks after D-DAY.  So, this weekend I will say a little prayer of thanks for those who have given all.

The survey went on to report 83% of us think it’s important to do something to commemorate the holiday.  And we’ve got plans this year, even though 8 out of 10 people say they’ll have to do things a little differently because of the lockdown.


The top ways we’ll commemorate Memorial Day are by flying a flag . . . leaving a flag or flowers at a soldier’s grave . . . attending a patriotic event . . . flying a flag at half-mast . . . and visiting a monument or war memorial.

Here are a few more ideas to remember the original reason for Memorial Day

Fly the American flag . . . if it’s not already something you do EVERY Memorial Day.

Give your kids sidewalk chalk.  They can use it to make patriotic drawings or write thank-you messages to veterans on your sidewalk or driveway.

Donate flowers to a fallen hero.  Check with your local cemetery to see if they’re accepting Memorial Day donations during the pandemic, or donate to Memorial Day Flowers, which is an organization that coordinates placing flowers for interred veterans.

check out the TV specials.  The “Parade of Heroes”special will stream on Facebook on Monday morning . . . the “National Memorial Day Parade: America Stands Tall” special airs on the major TV networks on Monday afternoon . . . and PBS will air its annual “Memorial Day Concert” on Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern.

Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance.  At 3:00 P.M. on Memorial Day, we’re supposed to pause for a moment of silence for those who’ve died serving in the military . . . and take at least one minute to send love, prayers, and thoughts.

So, while you are enjoying the weekend in whatever way you do it just take time, a little time to remember.

I have another reason I celebrate Memorial Day.  The original day was May 30.   That is my birthdate.   So, if life is fair, I really should get cake this Monday and again on Saturday May 30th!


I love sports.

I love watching them on TV!  Going to a live event is KOOL but painful.   Ask any large man or a man with long legs how painful it can be to sit in a stadium seat with youR with the tiny little seats and the leg space that is only good for smaller humans.

As the pandemic restriction loosen there is a little good news.  Social distancing will mean going to an event won’t let the person sitting next to you feel like they are sitting in your lap.  The leg room will remain the same, but people will be spread out more.

But then again with fewer if any fans are let in the ticket prices are going to rise.  So, like I said I LOVE WATCHING SPORTS ON TV!