I am a fan of sports, all sports and especially when you are young you have your favorite players on your favorite team, and it breaks your heart when that favorite players “takes his talents elsewhere”

Today’s news that Tom Brady would not be playing for the Patriots next season was not a surprise and to be honest I don’t care.  I have never been a fan even if I think he is one of if not the best to ever play Quarterback.

But the announcement did make me think about other famous athletes who spent the twilight of their careers with another team.

The player that affected me the most, is not a house hold name, he was one of the best of his era of football and he played for my favorite NFL team THE ST. LOUIS FOOTBALL CARDINALS.  His name was Jim Hart, Hart was the QB that had a great arm and could really throw for accuracy down field.  He had some great seasons with teams that were good and some not so good.  But I was a fan and was hart broken (Jim Hart—Hart broken get it) when he played his final season with the Washington Redskins

But alas I have a happy ending to this story because a co-worker of mine at WTPR in Paris TN and I went to Bush Stadium and got to see Jim Hart play for the Redskins.  Well he did dress out anyway.

Our seats were on the 3rd row in the end zone and as the players came out of the locker rooms  here comes my childhood hero #17 Jim Hart about 10 feet away from me!  I shouted to him and he turned and waved!  That made the entire trip worth it.  That a 2 stops at Whitecaslte before and after the game.

Other stars that I was surprised that ended their carriers with another team

Johnny Unitas- The high top black cleats just didn’t look right in the Chargers powder blues

Hakeem the dream Olajuwon a 12 time all-star in the NBA for the Rockets was traded to the Toronto Raptors

The Say Hey Kid Willie spent most of his career with the San Francesco Giants but was traded to the Mets

Joe Montana won super bowls with the 49’s but despite playing well for the Kansas City Chiefs he retired.

After I moved to Utah 25 years ago I became a huge fan of the Mailman Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz.  I mean what sports fans hasn’t hear the phrase ‘STOCKTON TO MALONE”    Karl spent 18 years with the Jazz only to leave  chasing a championship ring with the L.A. Lakers.   I think the most hurtful thing for me and Jazz fans was Karl playing in a Lakers Uniform.  I don’t think I will ever get that memory out of my mind.

There are plenty of others in sports but these were the ones that shocked me the most

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There are days when I find it very difficult to be on the radio.  Those reasons are varied, illness, a family tragedy or like today  a day where all the depressing things going on in the past 48 hours  with covid 19 and its aftermath just put me in a funk.

Days like this I find it difficult to find the right balance or seriousness mixed with trying to give you a reason to at least smile to lighten the mood.

I woke up early this morning and was finding it hard to go back to sleep so I checked my Facebook page and it was so full of people posting about who they blamed or didn’t blame for this situation  and why or why not certain decisions were made.

I remind you decision makers are in a can’t win situation.  Someone will find fault in any decision or in the timing of it all.

Then there are those who are putting a political spin on it.   I just don’t understand or is it I can’t stand the politics of this.  I remind you that you have a right to post your opinion but know this not everyone will agree with you and if you do a political post expect a response that might or might not agree and that is ok.  But what is not OK with me is the way some people respond.  The bullying that take place online is like that of a 2nd grader.

During this time I hope that the keyboard courage some people have will be tempered after all we are in this together.

You might or might not have to change you plans or modify them.   But I think it is a mistake for us not to finding ways to support our local shop owners and above all support each other.   Contact a friend, contact family members and please remember to contact any elderly you might know.

Be careful, smart, kind and above all LIVE YOUR LIVE!

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Just living life can be frustrating enough but when you add technology problems well let’s just say THE FOUR LETTER WORDS CAN FLY!!!

Let me explain from something that happened just last night.  I was doing some volunteer work with another man and we needed to do that work on a computer.

When it comes to computers I know enough to get myself in trouble but last night an issue came up and it took 10 minutes but I figured it out, I was as surprised as you are.

Back to work and we need to print a report.   The computer prompts were a great help.  I hit print and a window opens to ask which printer to send the document, I checked the printers and matched up the identification number and hit print.   Wait , wait , wait , wait.  No printing yet, I checked my work.  NOPE.  I must have tried 5 or 6 times and the frustration level grew.

Another man comes into the room and I asked for help.  As he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders a mechanical sound started and then then _______ thing started to print.   I had not done anything different I mean the stupid printer started working out of nowhere!

A few weeks ago my work computer started acting up and I asked for help.  The tech comes in and I explain what the computer was doing, he looks at me and says “That can’t happen”

Are you kidding me I have watched it do the same thing over and over and here he was telling me it can’t happen!  Frustration level is rising.  I did have a little vindication about 2 weeks later when the same problem happened again.  This time they found the problem and fixed.

So I have locked away that memory for the next time a tech tells me I can’t happen.

As I always say I might be dumb but I am also ignorant

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As I was considering what to write about today I really couldn’t think of much to say.

The news is dominated by the near panic of the corona virus.  Am I concerned, sure I am.  I don’t want anyone to be sick and in some cases die because of the illness and I hope that this scare is more of a scare than a pandemic.

I don’t understand the panic buying of items that are flying off the shelf in stores.  Hand sanitizer and hand soap.  Stocking up on food and OTC meds I get but honestly toilet paper yes TOILET PAPER!  Need it you bet but to see videos of people filling shopping carts and then the arguments over squeezing someone else’s Charmin.

I don’t get it.

One popular brand of TP says to enjoy the go!  Be honest I can think of many many many and many things I enjoy than ENJOYING MY GO!

I will agree with many experts that it might be time to get away with the handshake greeting.  One Dr. suggest going all Start trek Spock by doing the Vulcan greeting sign and saying “Live long and prosper”


But I prefer another space alien greeting

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This week I had two times I had to think about my high school years.

Saturday night at the wrestling event I was at one of the wrestlers was introduced as being from Memphis Tn.  So later in the evening I introduced myself and we both grew up in the same area of town.  But I am way older than this young man.

The second time I thought about my high school years also happened this weekend when I got a message from a class mate from high school asking if I was going to attend our class reunion this year.


I won’t bore you with all the details but my high school years were anything but pleasant.  As a matter of fact the last time I went by my old high school I had a panic attack.

My high school years were full of things I had little control over including violence, seeing friends almost die because of drugs and you add that I was a shy fat kid who didn’t like going to school in the first place and I think you can understand why I don’t look back at those years fondly like a lot of people do.

On top of that I bet there are less than 10 people out of a class of over 300 who could even remember me if I showed them a picture from “Back in the day”

I will admit I am a little jealous of you that enjoyed that time of your life.   Not everything was horrible in my life I had friends I enjoyed a lot of aspect of my life but school was not one of them. Honestly I prefer to enjoy my life now way more than them even with the health concerns , the surgeries the recovery and the everyday stresses of life if someone said I could go back to being 16 or 17 again I would not do it.

I am more than just happy with my life at this time and even though I would like to know what has happened to a few (very few) of my classmates, I will be here with you on the dates of the reunion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Sometimes I forget I am getting older and that I had 3 surgeries in the past 6 months.  Mainly I forget I am getting older and my body doesn’t bounce back like it used to.

Here is why I say this:   I had a great time this Saturday night on a guy’s night out.  My friend Dave and his son Jonathan with me to Salt Lake Saturday night to see Devotion Championship wrestling.  It was so much fun, but with that fun and the time change losing an hour on the clock and not being able to sleep after I got home, then having Sunday morning obligations and I got to say

I am tired today.

But it was worth it I got to see some of my friends that are with Devotion in ring and out of the ring.  I met some of the fans who have listened to the Turnbuckle trash podcast and I got to see pro- wrestling up close and personal from the 2nd row.

Then the exciting news is that I got to meet another star in the business.   Vince Russo who was part of WCW—WWE and TNA wrestling and is now helping Devotion.  Vince, my co-host Zane and I talked for a several minutes after the show and I am proud to say that Vince Russo will soon be on our Turnbuckle Trash pod-cast.

I need to be truthful here, in the past I have said some not so kind things about Vince but I must admit that my opinion of the man has changed a lot over the past few months as I talk with the Devotion wrestlers  seeing how really nice he is.  I needed to remind myself “there are always two sides to every story”  So if Vince reads this I say “ I am sorry and looked forward to our interview and hopefully  a building friendship”


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More on that after this word form DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.

Losing an hour’s sleep in not fun but hey we do it every year.  But this weekend can be a positive in other ways.  A little life update.

  1. Change the batteries in your smoke alarm.  It’s a good idea to change out the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors once a year, so doing it the same weekend as changing the clocks is an easy way to stay on top of it.
  2. Restock your emergency kit.  You should already have a stocked emergency kit at home, but it might be even more important now with coronavirus going around.  If you DON’T have one, put one together this weekend . . . and if you DO, go through it to make sure nothing has expired.


  1. Clean out your fridge, pantry, and medicine cabinet.  This is a good time to de-clutter all your food, medicine, and supplements.  Toss anything that’s expired or you’re no longer using, and make it a point to use up anything that’s expiring soon. And if there are items in your fridge that are growing hair and growling at you ….. Toss them


  1. Flip your mattress.  Some mattresses should be flipped twice a year to avoid irregular wear, and it’s easy to remember if you do it the same weekend you change your clocks.

That public service announcement is brought to you by no one but ME!

When I got to work today at 4:45 am it was cold about 30 degrees and then I look at the weather forecast and I am seeing temps near 60, which after a long winter will feel nice.  Then I remembered the pile of snow on my lawn from Sunday’s snow storm!


Over the next few weeks we will have more snow and social media will blow up with people (including me) complaining about SNOW!  It happens every year.


Before too long we can complain about the hot air.   Not the weather …. Politics!

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I can’t wait until this election is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the corona virus is taking over

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Large and in charge might describe me.   I am 6 ft one and weigh in at ……….   No not going to go there.  I have had two Doctors remark that I have a large bone structure and BIG FEET.   Size 14 wide.   BIG FEET.

To paraphrase Spider-man “with big feet comes big problems”

As a teenager growing up is was hard to go to a store to even purchase a size 12.  Today try a 14 wide.  On the occasion I will find some and if the price is right they come home with me.

Having big feet means on most stairs my foot hangs over the side, this has led to many falls and near falls.  In college there was on stairwell that I fell down twice in the space of 18 hours.  I take my time on stairs and usually go down side ways.

Another hazard of big feet is children.  I love kids and enjoy talking and playing with them but more than once as a child was walking near me they tripped on my feet and then the tears would start and I would curse my feet.

There was once in Baton Rouge I really thought my feet would get me a visit from the police and possibly arrested.   True story.  I was visiting friends who had a cute little girl of about 5 and she and I would play a lot.  Little Amanda called me her Dave Climbing Toy.  I would hold my arms out and Amanda would use me like a playground.  After a few minutes of play she jump to the floor and took two steps tripped and fell into a coffee table and cut the corner of her eye!   I was close to being in hysterics, I had hurt this child!

We grabbed Amanda and took her to the nearest emergency to have her checked out where a Dr.  Stitched up the cut and started asking questions.   In my mind all I could see was the Dr contacting the police.

My fears were put to rest when this little friend of mine came over jumped in my lap and hugged me and told me “It’s all right”    let the water works begin.

But the big feet can bring back memories too.  A friend of mine was with a performing group that did shows all over the country one summer and Dennis took my shoes on tour with him.   Dennis performed as a clown and he had the perfect clown shoes with him.

Man I got some BIG FEET

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I am not a camper, happy or not I just don’t enjoy camping.   Now camp food is different, there is something to be said about a campfire breakfast or sitting down to a campfire dinner made with cast iron Dutch ovens.   But I don’t like roughing it.   A slight case of claustrophobia, makes a sleeping bag almost impossible for me.

I enjoy the outdoors but honestly I would rather stay in a nice hotel.

Notice the word nice, I have stayed in my share of flea bag hotels.  A vacation stop in Indiana showed you get what you pay for.  A cheap hotel that had a smell that Lysol could not hide.

In Louisiana the home I was staying in was slightly damaged in a storm and I had to stay in a?????? Hotel???? For a few days.   I opened the door flipped on the light and the walls moved…. I slept in my car.

In a suburb of Salt Lake for comic con the hotel had dead bugs on the carpet.  We thought maybe they just sprayed and this was the aftermath.  WRONG AGAIN!  After a day at comic con we get back to our “room” and more dead bugs, plus screaming neighbors and I had enough.  I said pack up we are going home.  I tried for a refund but was refused and in the lobby I said in a booming radio voice ‘TOTALLY WORTH NOT GETTING A REFUND IF IDON’T HAVE TO STAY HERE” let’s just say they can leave the light on all they want but I ain’t staying.

When you get a room at a hotel you hope your neighbors aren’t noisy.  That has happened to us in Laughlin Nevada, we checked in got a very nice room with a view of the Colorado River and a couple next door that were LOUD.  No not that kind of loud (But that has happened) they talked LOUD!  I called the front desk to ask if we could move and told them why.   The desk clerk asked me how loud they were and I told them loud enough that I could tell you were they came from , what car they drove,  and how much cash they had brought to gamble with!  THAT LOUD!  The cash amount was more than I make in a month all in cash THAT LOUD!

The desk clerk laughed and said we could move and we actually got an up graded room with a better view!  The clerk even had security talked to the couple about talking that loud about money.

At a Reno hotel casino we were having breakfast and a power outage hit.  No elevators but the slot machines were working.  We went sightseeing.

I don’t travel a lot and maybe this blog tells you why!

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