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I love football, especially the NFL.  I don’t have “A TEAM” I just watch the game and find myself cheering for one of the teams.  (Except for the Dallas Cowboys)

The first football game I remember watch was the Super bowl when The Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL played against the Green Bay Packers.   I was playing outside with some friends when one of the friend’s fathers asked if we wanted to come in a watch the game.  I was hooked.  I remember running home to tell my mom about this game called football (yes I used to run)!

Technology is changing the game.  There are so many times the game is stopped to check the replay.  Most of the replays can show little things  that will amaze you , like seeing a receiver make an incredible catch and then have the body control to get both feet on the ground or show how a runner was down before the fumble.

So that brings me to this weekend of the NFL where the drama of playoff football was at its best, until what I considered bad officiating influenced the outcome.

The worst call of the weekend once again came in a game with the New Orleans Saints.  Remember last year

Then it happens again to the Saints!

I thought it was so easy to rule offensive pass interference the push off created separation which led to a catch, with led to the winning score.  Even Tony Dungy on NBC agreed with me.


So you can see how technology can make a football game so fun yet at the same time.


It’s the playoffs and I can’t wait for more this weekend

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This morning

Stupid news

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I have had a rough couple of months and I am not complaining (ok just a little) but I was looking forward to the new year and hopefully fewer problems or issues in my life and so far so almost good.

I had my 1st post op visit after the neck surgery and things are healing nicely.  So I am happy and excited.  UNTIL!

As we got into the car turned the key………. Nothing not a &^%$ thing.  Dead Battery!  Not a big deal but still it came at a bad time.  Good news then not 5 minutes later…..  Well you know how it feels!

But then it happened.


Several good people stopped to offer there assistance. Not one of those people knew me but they were kind enough to want to help.  I had help on the way but t those who were willing to help I thank you,   your offer of help, helped me more than you know.

Another example came later in the afternoon when I was at therapy for my wrist and hand.  

There is a saying that goes like this “What is the difference between a terrorist and a Physical therapist?  You can negotiate with a terrorists!!!!!”

Ryan, my therapist is a great guy.  But in doing his job helping me he needs to do things to my wrist and fingers that makes me want to give him all the nuclear secrets of the free world!  The most painful thing I have ever been through in my life.  He always encourages me with a smile and a calm voice of real concern!


If this pain would relate to monetary gain, I would be Bill Gates rich!

But once again his kindness to me means more than money!      KIND OF…… I GUESS…… WOULD YOU BELIVE…….  Not really I does mean a lot.

During yesterday’s therapy a very kind lady also took time to give me kind words while I was trying to get better.

Those little acts of kindness are so easy to do and I hope that I can live up to their example and the example of the person who shows me the most kindness every day.  My wife Teresa!   Thank you the most

Stupid news

Laff lines



Many years ago I gave up trying to come up with NEW YEAR’S Resolutions.

I mean I had resolved to lose weight, exercise more and to make more money.  Today I am poor out of shape and my diet plan appeared on ‘Americans Most Wanted’

So I decide no resolutions for me just suggestions for 20-20

I suggest Democrats and Republicans grow up and do what they were elected to do

I suggest that we treat each other with more respect

I suggest that as a punishments to thief’s and porch pirates, victims be allowed to take anything of similar value that were stolen plus the thief’s  reimburse victims twice the value of items stolen.

I suggest that restaurants give discounts to us who ask. For no cheese on a cheeseburger.

I suggest that more streaming services offer group discounts.

I suggest that fans if Frozen just let it go.

I suggest that if you don’t want to cheat on your love don’t appear on “Temptation Island”

I suggest that propel actually use your turn signals

I suggest that during winter storms to clean your front and back windshield and don’t forget your headlights and taillights

I suggest that when using a shopping cart don’t turn the cart sideways

I suggest that while using a shopping cart in the store not to park your cart and stand beside it blocking the isle.

I suggest that a parking lot should be treated like a regular road instead of an open field.

I suggest that if you do use the parking lot to at least be aware of those driving in lanes

I suggest that these suggestions are just that suggestions and I suggest most will just do what they want anyway.

I suggest this is a free country and we have rules and regulations and if you don’t like work to change them, not just complain

I suggest that if you break any law knowingly they be prepared to face the consequences

Finally  I suggest that we need to laugh at ourselves , more often because as I suggest we are not perfect and  I make the suggestion that as hard as it is to believe I am not perfect.

Today is National buffet day: here is montage of standup comedians talking buffets

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As the New Year and new decade arrive this is a great time of year to reflect on your life and then plan for the future.

New Year’s resolution time.

So like a lot of you tonight at midnight I will resolve to eat better and exercise.

So I will begin 2020 by waking up and realizing that I am too tired to exercise. (Some of you will be too hung over).  Then as the day continues I realize there is still leftover Christmas candy and it has just got to go YUM! Oh how bought the snacks for the bowl games!  New Year’s resolutions gone in less than 12 hours!

There is always 2021

Or I can wait until Monday to start   Yeah Monday that is when I start the diet!  And if I fail I have 51 more Mondays!








The holiday season, some say it begins with Halloween and continues until New year’s day,  there are just so many holiday’s packed into just a few short weeks.

Some people joke that today is New Year’s Eve eve!

True as that is I think I woke up in a good mood because today is National Bacon Day!

I love bacon always will!  I prefer crisp bacon, but if it is cooked I will eat and love bacon.

One of the best smells in the entire world is cooking bacon!  Several years ago they even came out with a bacon perfume for women to help attract a man.  I am immune to that because I am a happily married man, whose wife makes him bacon a couple of times a month.

Over the years my friends and family have indulge my love of bacon with gifts of Bacon salt, bacon flavored Mayo, Bacon bits for my salads (right).  Bacon band aids and even Bacon roses!

My wife even made me pants made from fabric with a bacon theme! On a recent trip to Cedar city, the hotel we stayed in did not have bacon on the breakfast menu!    However the waitress saw my bacon pants told the chef and soon I was munching on a pound of bacon made in honor of my pants.


Can you have too much bacon?  YES!!  I know you are shocked to read that.  But several years ago I went to a wedding in Las Vegas, we used that as an extension of a planned vacation.

While in Nevada I found the mother lode of bacon. THE BREAKFAST BUFFET.  Huge trays filled with bacon!  I was in heaven and on the next several days consumed several large pigs’ bacon!   My body rebelled!  I won’t go into details but I learned ‘MODERATION IN ALL THINGS!!!  EVEN BACON!

(Insert cuss words here)

I still love bacon but………..


Stupid news

Laff lines:  Jim Gaffagan on BACON



Do I know how to celebrate the holidays or what!  This jolly fat man sat in my recliner watching movies, yes some Christmas themed, and a lot of sports.

Back on December 11th I had neck surgery to repair damage in the C-4 C-5 and the C5-5 C-6 area of my spine.  Things went well and despite fatigue I am doing well.

The surgery did cause a very sore throat and a difficulty swallowing on of the medications I take.  They are vitamins but are huge.  The night after the surgery I started chocking but luckily the pill was not blocking my airwaves.  The tiny nurse said she was trying to plan how to do the Heimlich on big ole me.  I probably outweighed her buy 200 lbs. or more.  But after lots of water, and pudding didn’t work we tried Diet Coke.  That stuff will eat through anything.

I am so glad to be back!   Let’s hope 202 gets better




Laff lines


I was born a redneck and now my neck just hurts.  That is why I will be gone for a couple of weeks.  I will be having neck surgery on December 11th to repair some problems there.

So how did that happen?   I don’t know.  A guess would be a lot of sports when I was younger, a couple of wrecks and just getting older.

This will be my 3rd surgery since September and if you want add a wisdom tooth extraction, it has been an interesting fall of 2019.  But that is nothing compared to the year 2000 when a very serious illness led to 11 surgeries in in 18 months.

I am fine, just have been slammed in life just like many of you.  I tell you this because over the years I have become friends with so many of you.  Some friends I only know phone or on Facebook, but I still am humbled to call so many people friends.

I hope to be back soon after Christmas. So this is my opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas!   If you don’t celebrate Christmas like I do please take my greeting as wishing you only the best not only during the holidays but year round.


HAVE A KOOL YULE!!!!!!!!!!





I made an admission on air this morning

Christmas time is so fun, with parties, movies, TV specials, and spirt lifting Church services.

And the most important thing THE JOY OF GETTING!

Of course I am kidding because there is nothing better than on Christmas morning watching for the reactions of gifts  they are being opened.    Growing up we would all try to guess which present would make my sister Sandra cry!!!!!

There is one gift I have never given or received that is The Chia pet,   possibly the best white elephant gift ever


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Christmas music can be fun.  Christmas can be inspiring.  Christmas music can make you cry.  Christmas music can bring back memories. 

Later in this blog post I will tell you about my favorite Christmas songs and why.

How about some triva about Christmas songs

  1. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was written in 15 minutes, was originally recorded by Vince Vance and the Valliant’s and Mariah Carey recorded it in August
  2. When Brenda Lee recorded “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” in 1958, she was only 13 years old.


  1. “Jingle Bells” is over 150 years old.  It was published in 1857 . . . and was intended to be a THANKSGIVING song, not a Christmas song.


  1. Thurl Ravenscroft sang “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” . . . and was also the voice of Tony the Tiger for over 50 years.


  1. Irving Berlin wrote the song, “White Christmas” . . . and hated Elvis Presley’s version so much, he tried to get it BANNED from the radio.


  1. “Silver Bells” was originally called “Tinkle Bell”.

The writer changed it after his wife mentioned the double-meaning of the word “tinkle.”

  1. “The Chipmunk Song” is still the only Christmas song to ever hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  2. “Do You Hear What I Hear?” was written as a call for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.
  3.   Bing Crosby did not want to record Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth with David Bowie.  But after hearing it he loved it



It is well known I grow tired of Christmas music, but I am not a Bah Humbug kind of guy.  So now a list of my favorite Christmas song

  1. Little St Nick, Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (Muppets) it was part of the John Denver and the Muppets Christmas.  I crack up every time when Animal sings background vocals
  2. Do you hear what I hear, just a beautiful song

8… White Christmas, the Drifters not because of Home alone but it is one of my favorites because of a former Co- Worker.   She could sing really deep and I would chime in with a Falsetto voice.  It was really funny!

  1. Tennessee Christmas, The 1st time I heard this song I was living in Idaho and very homesick and it just hit me that I really missed my family
  2. The 12 pains of Christmas. Face it sometimes the Holidays are a pain.  I laugh every time I hear the man say “One light goes out they all go out”

5 Christmas in Dixie.  Another song that came out while I was so far away from home.  The line about “Graceland all in lights” hit home.  We used to go see Graceland every year,

  1. Celebrate me Home—Kenny Loggins. Not just a favorite Christmas song, but one of my favorite songs of all time.    I saw Kenny in concert and he sang this song in August!
  2. Merry Christmas Darling. Karen Carpenter singing a great song from my favorite Christmas album.  And on top of that I get points from my wife every time I play it!    I need all the points I can get.  I wonder if I will get points for putting this in my blog!
  3. Little Drummer Boy/ Peace on Earth – Bing Crosby and David Bowie. The Harmonies are incredible
  4. O Holy night- it says it all why we celebrate this season in one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.


So there you go.  By the time Christmas arrives I will be so sick of Christmas music but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

On top of that my wife loves Christmas music and I need all the points I can get!  Teresa notice the Carpenters reference in the blog…POINTS POINTS POINTS!!!!!!!

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